Monday, 21 November 2011

Ring, Ring....

Yup, the phone rang, but it was me who did the calling this morning.  I wanted to see if our granddog Mylo could come out to play with Sparkles LOL!  Our DIL whispered if it would be okay to bring the kids for a visit....the girls didn't have school today, and they were bored at home...hehehe! They wanted to come to grandma's house. They're in the middle of moving, so most of the fun things to play with, or do crafts with, are already packed.

So they came over for a couple hours and had some fun making Christmas wreaths out of some plastic discs that grandpa had laying around. We also had to keep them from the spare room downstairs....they love to play in there, but all of Mom & Dad's gifts are waiting to be wrapped tonight, so we had to keep a close eye on them :)

After some chicken noodle soup for lunch, away they went.  Cade made sure that the girls were going home too, and not just him....but not before he told mom to go home without them LOL!

Gotta love these days! 

Grandma loves you.

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