Saturday, 13 October 2012

Flying trapeze....

Wow!  Wow, wow, wow....that's about all I can say after seeing the Cirque du Soleil performance on Thursday night in Toronto. My DIL, Hailee, Hannah and myself had a girls weekend away and we went to see "Amaluna"! An experience none of us will soon forget :)  I have a feeling another Cirque show will be in our future at some point!
View from our Hotel window!
We drove to Toronto early Thursday morning and had tickets for the 4:00 p.m. performance.  We thought it would be better to have an early time than wait until 8:00. The girls wouldn't have been the only tired ones by then LOL!
   The Cirque tent!
And I think the part of the evening the girls liked best were the taxi rides LOL!  One taxi to the theatre for the performance, another afterwards to the Old Spaghetti Factory in downtown Toronto (another first for the girls), then another back to the Hotel.  Hailee especially seemed to enjoy this mode of travel for some reason...hehehe...and wanted to take another taxi on Friday morning!
Waiting for supper to come :)

Speaking of Friday morning, we had told the girls we would take them to the CN Tower, neither had been. Mom was a little down after speaking with a very tearful Cade the night before and decided we should head straight home in the morning, so told the girls they'd see the Tower their next visit to Toronto. 
   Mom and Hailee overlooking the City :)
Unfortunately that didn't sit very well with Hailee :(  She started to have a melt down and went on and on about how she keeps being told 'next time, next time' when it comes to the CN Tower :)  Sooooo grandma suggested that instead of going out for breakfast, we could use that time (and probably less) to go up to the Tower, look around, take a few pics and be on our way.
Okay....all grandparents know there is just about nothing we
grandparents won't do for our grandkids, right? LOL!
Laying on the glass floor in the CN Tower was bad enough,
but making this picture public, with gravity taking
it's not-so-nice toll on grandma's face, goes above and
beyond any grandparent's duties LOL! Yes, looking through the glass
floor some 1500 feet above the city of Toronto just does something
to a person's stomach...and face LOL!
Ahhhhh.....gotta love those grandkids :)

Well, that idea didn't sit very well with Hannah LOL, who for some reason did NOT want to go up in the Tower.  We had no idea why she felt this way and when we questioned her as to why her response was "because". Boy, did she cry. After finding a parking spot we walked across the street to the Tower, towing a crying/upset Hannah along with us.
 The closest that Hannah got to actually
being on the glass floor LOL! Hailee was
really into it though by the time we left :)
I'm not sure what she thought it would be like going up to the top of the CN Tower, but hopefully now she realizes that it wasn't that bad...but during our 45 minutes at the top of Toronto, she wouldn't smile or even look at the camera.  Definitely had a pouty thing going on....just like her Uncle Warren used to when he was little...hehehe!

After spending time at a shopping Mall on the way home both girls fell asleep for a couple hours and were suprised when we stopped for a bite to McD's!  Wow, another surprise. A once in the blue moon treat for the girls...hehehe!
This was more to Hannah's taste LOL!

All in all we girls had a fantastic time and grandma looks forward to the next time we can enjoy a couple days away together...without the boys. Remember...girls rule LOL!

Grandma loves you