Monday, 1 April 2013

Three Busy Days....

Another whirlwind weekend just flew by and we're sitting here wondering how did we squeeze it all into 3 days LOL!

It all started last Wednesday night (27th) when I took the cakes I baked for Hailee, Hannah and Cade out of the freezer to start decorating. Our DIL and I were going to bring them to school on Thursday morning for the kid's classes to enjoy. I guess I don't have to explain that the cakes were decorated for Easter seeing as this was Easter weekend....but I'll mention it anyway LOL...the theme was Easter!

See....Easter theme LOL!

Cade's first year of school has been a tough one for him and for the first few months he would cry whenever he saw mom, dad, grandparents etc at school.  We weren't quite sure how he would react when we walked in with the cake for his class, but he did very well.  His little mouth was in a kind of forced "smile" and his eyes looked like they were going to over flow at any minute, but he held strong and not a tear was shed :) What a big boy!!

Once the cakes were delivered my DIL and I headed to shop...on Holy of the busiest days of the year for shopping, and there we were doing our best to battle the crowds. Must admit, we did a great job LOL!

Good Friday our DIL's dad was making a fish fry so they invited us over. Our son/DIL had another couple coming over also with their daughter who is Hailee's friend, so it was a fun crowd. I know how much our DIL's dad loves home made rice pudding so I made a double batch and brought it over. I couldn't find my regular recipe and tried a new one, which I wasn't really happy with, but everyone seemed to love it and there wasn't much left for the poor man LOL! After a rousing game of road hockey...oh the was time to eat, and eat we did. Wow, it was sooooo delicious, and I even got the leftover fish to take home! I eat it like candy, it's that good :)

On Saturday there was a bridal shower for our niece who is getting married at the end of May. The turn out was great and she received beautiful presents....the kind of presents that cost more than wedding presents did way back in my day LOL!
Grandpa and grandma :)

Yesterday, Easter Sunday, I woke up early and started cooking...ham, turkey, scalloped potatoes, veggies....I wanted to get as much done ahead of time as I could.

Unfortunately, poor little Cade was not to have a good Easter day :(  He ended up being SO sick that he needed two baths here and mom had to go home to pick up more clothes for him. Poor little guy couldn't even eat. Between all of us we took turns trying to make him feel better and grandpa had a little snooze with him.
Hannh wasn't too happy that big sister Hailee
was "squeezing" her right shoulder LOL!
He had said earlier in the day that he wanted to have a sleepover last night, but as it turned out only the girls were able to stay.  Another day Cade, another day.  This morning he was quite hot and refusing to drink anything so our son stopped to pick up pedialyte for him before picking up the girls, in the hope that Cade may take a few sips before he gets dehydrated. I just spoke with mom and she said he's sleeping and still hot. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for him.
Our widowed neighbor came over for dinner yesterday....we try to invite him over for most holidays as he's alone...and I sent him home with tons of leftovers. He shouldn't have to cook for a few days LOL!
Today was supposed to be a day of rest, however I got the itch to start cleaning the kid's room here. They have toys coming out of their ears and it was geting out of hand.  We have three huge dressers to keep their toys in and 3 big drawers in each dresser, so grandma went through it all...organized each drawer so like is with like, and tossed a big trash bag full of 'stuff' LOL! They should have more room to move around in there now.  Tomorrow I'll tackle the bunk beds and store heavy blankets etc away until they are needed.
So to say our long Easter weekend was busy, is an understatement! But would grandpa and I have it any other way? Most definitely not!
Until next time!
Grandma loves you

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Christmas in March LOL.....

As stated in my earlier post, things are not going well for our youngest son Marty and his wife. As the pretence of their relationship has finally come to an end, we were able to visit him and have Christmas in March with our two youngest grandkids. And what fun we had!

Keelan could hardly wait to see the presents carried into the house and immediately wanted to know which ones were his, and if he could help baby sister Aislin open hers....hehehe!

As it was close to Easter, grandma also made a cake for daddy and the kids....and it didn't take daddy long to get into it LOL! Keelan and I had a great time playing and chasing....I should clarify that, grandma was doing the chasing....hehehe! I guess I don't have to tell everyone how well I slept that night LOL!
Grandpa had a conference in Toronto the next morning, so we weren't able to stay with them that night, but we told them we'd be back in a couple weeks and spend a couple nights.  We asked Keelan what his favorite restaurant was and that's where we went for supper....and we couldn't forget going to the Mall to pick up a couple more games for the Leap Pad II that we bought him for Christmas. Isn't it amazing how quickly children these days pick up technology! It's like they're born with the knowledge LOL!
Daddy, Keelan and grandma went shopping for a crock pot for daddy so he could prepare good meals without taking up hours in the kitchen, so grandpa and Aislin went mall walking....and the only stores she wanted to go into were the jewellry stores LOL! At 14 months of age, she sure knows which stores she wants to hang out in...hehehe!

All too soon it was time for grandpa and grandma to leave for the hour drive back to Toronto.  Seeing as we were there for 3 days, we had hoped that daddy and the kids would come to the condo hotel grandpa and I were staying in to enjoy the pool on Friday afternoon...and they did! Poor grandpa didn't make it back in time from his meetings to swim or visit with everyone, but grandma did and I enjoyed it completely :) There was no one else in the pool so it was like having our own private pool and hot tub! What fun!!
When we got back to our room and took the kid's swim suits off them, both kids went running across the living room to the ceiling to floor windows to check out the machines....bare naked LOL!  Aislin was doing just fine, the sat on the floor and a couple minutes later she started to cry.  I went over just as she was getting up and walking towards me when I noticed shiny, wet little footprints following her....hehehe! She had peed while she was sitting on the floor, with her cute little bare bottom LOL! I have a feeling that will be remembered and recalled to her in a few years :)
Keelan enjoyed looking out our 28th floor window at the building across the street that was getting taken down. He LOVES construction machines and the big crane they had set up to remove large pieces of concrete was a big hit with him :)  Such a big hit in fact that while we were at the Food Court having lunch, he said he didn't want to go home but wanted to go up to our room again....hehehe! We're sure there will be many more visits and lots of time to spend together from now on Keelan, so don't worry!
Until our next visit.....
Grandma loves you

Catching up.....

Oh goodness, grandma has been waaaaaay behind the times. It's been such a busy few weeks that I haven't taken time to sit and put my thoughts down.

Grandpa and grandma have been busy with going to Toronto for conferences, visiting our middle son with the whole gang and back to Toronto again LOL!

Sadly our youngest son and his wife have decided to finally call it quits....long story, but good news for us as we have him back in our family circle once again. It's been a very long 10 years, but we now have two young grandchildren to get to know and that we can enjoy with the rest of the family.

Soooooo it was indeed a very special occasion when we went to our middle son's home...everyone was there (well, except for his wife who was away for the week), but perhaps next time we will all be together. The perfect time for a long over due family picture!
Snow tubing, playing games, getting to know cousins, great food, hot tubs, LOTS of laughs...a grandma and grandpa couldn't ask for more, and we look forward to our next get together.

I must say, both grandpa and I had seriously thought we would take at least one ride down the snow tubing hills....but after pulling into the parking lot at the ski hill and watching how FAST people were flying down that tubing hill, we both changed our minds. I am not a fan of rides to begin with, and fast rides are beyond the bottom of my bucket list of things to do LOL!
Everyone else just loved it though, and had a blast.  Poor Hannah went down once and wasn't feeling well....bad cough/ she hung around with our youngest granddaughter Aislin, grandpa and I and the two of them enjoyed being pulled around in the tube by grandpa, and enjoyed the chalet because that's where the food was LOL!
The day after snow tubing was fun too as we drove our oldest son and DIL to Toronto as they were flying out to Cuba early the next morning.  So Uncle Warren drove all of us to their hotel where we enjoyed a couple hours in the pool and a delicious buffet dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant :) How many 4 year olds do you know that will eat a plate full of broccoli at a buffet? LOL!

We weren't quite sure how Cade was going to react to leaving mom and dad at the hotel, but we had him in stitches all the way back to Uncle Warren's place and had no problems with him.  We enjoyed the hot tub that night, and the girls actually had goggles on and were swimming in the hot tub LOL!  Cade even surprised us by going under the water! Something he has never wanted to do, but for some reason felt the hot tub was the place to do it....hehehe!  Led on by all our cheers and clapping hands, he kept going further and further under, and without holding his nose!  What a great time we had! He was so proud of himself and so were we :)
It didn't take long for all of us to fall asleep that night, and we knew the next day would be even busier!  Uncle Warren drove us by the school where he teaches, then we went to the fire hall where he is a volunteer firefighter. The kids enjoyed a very personalized tour and surprisingly, were very interested in things and asking questions. What surprised grandma the most was just how heavy all that firefighters equipment is! really need to be in shape to fight fires with all that stuff on!
For some reason Hailee was nervous and was positive the big fire trucks were going to tip over :)  It took some convincing to get her inside with all of us together, and when she had enough, she wanted out LOL!

Then an experience for Uncle Warren that he hadn't had before.....Glow in the Dark mini golf....hehehe!  As much fun as it was for the kids, I doubt Uncle Warren will be going back any time soon LOL!  Eighteen holes of chasing balls, telling the kids to not swing until everyone is out of club distance, suggesting they don't swing 'so' hard as the ball would hit the edges of the greens and take off to unknown distances in the dark LOL! Definitely a fun experience, right Uncle Warren?? :) :)
As we were driving to Mini Golf we passed a huge tropical fish store and said we'd stop after we were done Golfing, and that's what we did!  Wow, talk about interesting fish and they even had sharks in a huge aquarium!  Beautiful creatures when you see them up close and personal.

Cade was taken with the big turtles they had in a pond, and I must admit, so was I.  I had a turtle for 13 years quite a few years ago, and would love to have another but we're just too busy and away too often to have a big aquarium to look after.

It took a while for us to decide where we would go to eat, and it was finally decided that we would go back to our favorite Chinese buffet. Hailee loves that place....well maybe I should say Hailee loves looking at the dessert table at the Chinese buffet LOL!

Before we knew it our few days away with the kids was over and it was time to head home.  Lots of great memories to take with us though :) Until our next trip!

Grandma loves you

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Actual Big Day :)

So Sunday was Hannah's actual birthday and the festivites were to begin at 3:00 and end at 6:00.  Hannah wanted grandpa and I to come over early, so that's what we did. We got there around 1:00 after stopping at the dollar store for a gift bag to wrap up the collage blanket we ordered for her. The blanket is a 'story' of sorts with old pictures of mom and dad as they were growing up, right up to their wedding picture and a picture of all 4 grandparents on her 1st birthday :)
Grandma had forgotten the amount of energy and noise that 10 little girls, plus a younger brother and a couple cousins thrown in for good measure, could make LOL!  The time did go back quickly though between painting little clay pots, melting chocolate, rolling cake pops in the various colors and letting the kids put sprinkles on the chocolate covered cake pops. We had an assembly line formed and it went very well.  Before the girls were leaving to go home we wrapped each clay pot in clear cellophane so they could take it home as a little sovernir :)


Then it was time for pizza, ice cream cake, juice, jello and we can't forget gift opening!!

Oh what a fun afternoon it was. It did feel kind of strange however that grandma didn't work all morning decorating a huge birthday cake for Hannah. On the other hand though it was actually good that I didn't have too as our side streets were VERY bumpy with the packed/slushy snow. Any cake wouldn't have survived the drive over LOL!

Grandma loves you and is still trying to recuperate from the weekend LOL!

Another year Older!

Wow, I can't believe that our little Hannah had her 7th birthday this past Sunday....and I can't believe that I've been so busy all week that I haven't been able to write about it LOL!

Yes, little Hannah is growing like a weed...but a very beautiful weed :)  Grandpa and I took her out shopping for gifts last Friday night. I never knew a 7 year old could spend so much time in a shoe store, looking at shoes. She must have tried everything on that even slightly resembled what she was looking for....hehehe!

Finally after a half hour she had decided on white highheel sandals :)  As grandpa was paying for them I spotted some cute purses by the check out counter. Hannah spotted me looking at them and just fell in love with a little tan colored purse.  You have to understand that Hannah has a 'thing' for money...and purses....and a thing for not spending her own money, but rather saving it in wallets and purses LOL!  So just as grandpa was grabbing her bagged new high heels, we went over with the purse...which didn't need to be bagged but instead grandma adjusted the long shoulder strap so she could wear it right there and then.

Was that it you may ask? Hardly LOL!  Turning right at the entrance to the shoe store we ventured further down the hallway and stopped at Justice.  Justice is in my day we would call a "hippy" clothing store....hehehe....very popular with young girls today and selling only very vibrant colored and sparkly clothing, accessores, name it, they have it to attract the youngsters.
Modeling her new purchases.
Notice those high heels  :)

It didn't take her long to decide on which outfit she wanted and as she was trying it on in the change room, she said she would like one more thing....LOL....not clothes grandma, but one more thing. With so many 'things' to look at we thought we would be there for another hour before she decided.  Finally after touching, picking up, inspecting things that caught her pretty brown eyes, those pretty brown eyes looked up and there on some shelves were pillow letters! Yup, fuzzy pink fake fur in the shape of the alphabet! We asked the sales clerk to find an H and off we went.

While waiting at the cashier, Hannah spotted some lip gloss....wouldn't you know they purposely put these things at the cash so you are tempted to spend more than you intended.  The girl kindly directed us to another stash of lip glosses that were on sale....3 for $7 something or other.  Quickly Hannah picked the 3 she wanted and could hardly wait to get the wrapping off each of them so she could try each one!  As we went along our merry way to the accessories shop for bracelets, brooches etc, Hannah was sporting bright red lips LOL!

More walking, searching then she saw a few things she wanted...another H was added to her stash in the form of a brightly colored H on a silver chain...along with a head band and wrist covers.

We then decided to look for a belt for her new pants at Wal Mart. Along the way she started sniffing and said "mmmm...that smells good...are we close too....?" Yup, right around the corner is the little meat shop that sells her favorite turkey kielbosa. She had a piece that they put on the counter and I asked if she wanted me to buy some. Her eyes got big and she said yes, can I have some now. So the gentleman was kind enough to cut a few slices for her to munch on along our way to Wal Mart. Her tummy was satisfied for now LOL!

Wal Mart was a bust on belts. Nothing to be found for her size.  Onward and upward to the car so we could drive to the Bulk Barn for candies to layer inbetween her ice cream cake layers. Thankfully it didn't take too long. Grandma needed to stop at the fruit market on the way to the restaurant for her birthday supper, and the birthday girl wasn't happy...hehehe...she asked if she had to go in and I said no, that she and grandpa could wait in the car. I only needed a couple things.

Okay, on to our last stop....our favorite greek restaurant just a few minutes away from home. It was packed but didn't take long for our food to arrive.  A deal was brokered in that I told Hannah she could have an ice cream sandwich back at out place instead of dessert in the restaurant. She happily agreed, and quickly took her boots/coat off at the back door when we came in and wanted her ice cream sandwich :)

Taking only minutes to devour she washed her hands, went into her bedroom and came out modeling all her new purchases....hehehe!  She sure likes to dress up, and everything looks great on her!

Once her new clothes were put away it was time to put together her ice cream cake...she loves ice cream, and jello.  She and grandpa unwrapped all the ice cream sandwiches and she helped me layer them in the casserole plate, then layer with cool whip and smarties, then another layer of ice cream sandwiches. She decorated the top by herself, making sure every inch had at least one candy on it LOL!

Okie dokie....time for a bath once the ice cream cake was put into the freezer. She had fun laying around the tub for a good half an hour and it didn't take her long to get sleepy :)

All in all it was a very fun evening and she quickly fell asleep laying between grandpa and I in our king size bed.

The next morning it was swimming lessons at 9:00...and what did she want for her snack after swimming. A couple slices of bread with what else....turkey kielbosa slices LOL!

Can hardly wait to see what next year's birthday shopping will be like :)

Grandma loves you

Saturday, 16 February 2013

It Doesn't Take Much..... certainly doesn't take much for kids to amuse themselves at times.  Our oldest son, wife and the 3 grandkids came over for a visit and supper last night. And before you ask, we had spaghetti LOL!  It's the only food that all 3 kids can agree on....well, actually, it's the only food that I can get Hailee to eat without getting into an argument....hehehe....Hannah and Cade will eat just about anything, so they're easy to feed :)

Anyway, after supper and one of their favorite desserts...jello made with ice cream that gets firm enough to eat with your fingers...they got into play mode.  Downstairs to play library with grandpa, then upstairs to see what they could get into in their bedroom, making cards for mom and dad etc.

While playing we could hear the kids calling out to grandpa...."oh Mr. Bob" and "hey, Bob the builder" LOL!  At one point Cade brought a card out to the living room where Mom, dad and grandma were sitting. He had grandpa help him print out "mom and dad" on the card and was shocked that there was an "o" in mom's name.  He told mom that she didn't have an "o" in her name but she explained that there was indeed an "o" on the word mom, but not in her real name, Angele LOL!

Shortly after that he was playing around with his scissors and came pretty close to hitting dad with them, so dad took the scissors away until Cade apologized. Well, needless to say a good 20 minutes later dad was still waiting for his apology, Cade crying and fussing the whole time....hmmm....stubborn little guy, isn't he LOL!  Cade then announced that he was taking dad's name off the card he made....hehehe!  We had a great laugh at that one!! Thankfully by the time they left, Cade had decided that dad was in his good graces once again and his name could remain on the card LOL!

Once an apology was finally given the kids went on with their play.  In the living room we could hear this giggling coming down the hallway from the kid's bedroom.  First thing you know there came the girls....laughing and almost falling over. Each was stuffed into a leg on a pair of old lounger pants of mine that Hailee found in the closet LOL! 

I have no idea why I even bought the lounger set many years was big on me back then....but I liked the feel and color. I'm sure I imagined myself being able to relax some evening after soaking in a nice bubble bath...putting my feet up, reading a good book and letting the world pass me by.  Wrong....never did happen LOL!

Now it dawned on me why I had never given the set away, or thrown them out.  In the back of my mind I must have thought "ah day our grandkids will be able to have fun playing with these pants" LOL!  And fun they had.  Each had to take a turn with the other, being stuffed into the pants....more giggling, laughing and falling over!

What a great picture to have in my mind while I fell asleep last night!  You kids keep surprising grandpa and I with your creativity and love of having a good time. Never stop and never grow up....hehehe! Thanks for coming over!

Grandma love you

Monday, 11 February 2013

What goes up.....

Well I think you know the rest of that sentence :)  Yes, the girls and Cade have taken up skiing and be precise, the girls are snowboarding and Cade is skiing.

They've been at it for about 3 or 4 weekends now and with the weather being so darn cold I wasn't about to go stand in the subzero temperatures to watch them come down the bunny hill LOL! However, yesterday was the day to venture out. 

They called around 1:15 to let us know they were having lunch then heading to town to the ski hill. It really is surprising how many layers of clothing a person can get on when faced with standing in the cold for a couple hours LOL...but you already know that we grandparents will do just about anything to see a smile on our grandkids little faces :)
  Here's the gang, ready for their afternoon of fun!
Don't you just love those little skis that Cade is
learning on? LOL!
So off grandpa and I went...not sure if I'd ever be able to sit in the car without popping some piece of clothing LOL!  We arrived and waited until the gang got there a few minutes after us.  The hills were quite busy, especially the bunny hill, but it didn't stop their enthusiasm to get their boards/skis on and hit that hill!

Grandpa had gone once before to watch them and help with Cade, so Cade was in full grandpa mode, wanting Papa to walk up the hill with him, help him get his skis on and then follow him back down the hill to help him back up again LOL!
Grandpa and Cade halfway up the hill
getting Cade's skis on :)

I must say I was quite impressed and amazed at how quickly they all picked up their new sports of choice!  Very little falling, bruising or long as grandpa was there to help Hailee and Cade up the hill....hehehe! 

It was a great afternoon watching the grandkids experience this new activity, and to see their huge smiles as they came swooshing towards grandma, and often, swooshing right on by.

We're really looking forward to the next long as the weather cooperates LOL!

Grandma loves you

Sunday, 27 January 2013

It's a Bronze!!

Yes indeed! Our oldest granddaughter Hailee was in her very first Floor Hockey tourament today and her team won the bronze, out of 20 teams!  She even got her very first goal! We were so excited for her and the rest of the girls. She almost looked like she was in shock when the goal went in the net....hehehe!

And here she is, sporting her Bronze Medal
Job well done Hailee! Can hardly wait until
next year's tournament :)
After sitting in a gym all day long on a folding metal chair, grandma was very happy that she had brought a fluffy blanket with her to sit on....hehehe!  It also brought back many, many memories of the times grandpa and grandma spent in arenas, gyms, ball fields and soccer fields following daddy and his brothers to every sport imaginable. They sure got involved in everything they could, and that meant that grandpa and I ended up driving along to watch and cheer on....and cheer I did, ringing my big old cow bell to get them going....hehehe! Like I said, great memories.
The happy team after their exciting win!
It was a close one, with Hailee's team
scoring the winning goal with only 15 seconds left
in the game....yeah girls!!

It was so nice to see Hailee win her first medal. She has really come out of her shell this past year and is getting involved in a lot of things.  She even got to read to the Day Care kids at her school last week. She's blooming into quite the little social butterfly and it's wonderful to see. We love it :)

Grandma is tired after our long day, but I wouldn't have given it up for the world.  Until your next event Hailee.

Grandma loves you

Sunday, 20 January 2013

You didn't just come for the beef, did you??

LOL...let me explain the post title!  A few days ago when visiting the grandkids (actually we were bringing Hannah her cleaned betta tank so she could put a new fish in that we bought to replace the one that wasn't "feeling well") our little guy Cade came running down the stairs saying "mama, mama...." and went on so quickly that all I got was, sleepover, Hannah, Sam, Saturday....hehehe!

Turns out that big sister Hailee was going to a friend's last night for a sleepover, Hannah was having a friend over for a sleepover last night and Cade decided that he was going to come to grandma and grandpa's house for a sleepover last night :) This decision by the way made Hannah very happy. She did not want her little brother around while her friend was there for a sleepover LOL!

Grandma thought she'd make roast beef for supper because Cade absolutely LOVES my roast beef with mashed potatoes, gravy and carrots. When I say he loves it, I mean he loves it. I've never seen a 4 year old get so excited about eating roast beef. McD's? Spaghetti? perhaps, but not roast beef LOL!

They all had swimming lessons yesterday morning at 9:00, so we told mom that we would just take Cade with us for the day too. Our DIL had a sinus lift on Thursday and needed some rest. Her face is swollen and she can't eat much but liquids.

So home we came with Cade in tow. He kept us going ALL day long. Wow that kid is busy...hehehe! I don't think I sat down once until it was time to eat that famous roast beef LOL! He went outside to help grandpa shovel the fresh snow we got, but not before giving me instructions for hot chocolate when they were done :)  He had to make sure it wasn't candy cane flavor he was happy.

When he and grandpa were done outside they came in and he helped me make their hot chocolate. He asked for marshmallows but this was one of the few times that I didn't have any in the cupboard. So instead, I looked in the fridge and surprised him with canned whipped yummy and so "good" for you....hehehe!

Then it was time to play, so it was on to "bears"...had to be in a dark room, or the sauna, and pretend bears were coming to get us LOL....Alphabet Bingo, cars, puzzles....then it was time for supper. He was so hungry that we were eating at 4:00 LOL!  Two helpings later, plus extra carrots on the side, he decided it was bath time...then he would have his ice cream that he and grandpa went to the store to buy. Cade had it all figured out :)

All was going well then he piped up...he wanted to go home to sleep.  We didn't push him and said he didn't have to go right away, but could decide later.  So we continued to play Alphabet Bingo and then cuddled on the couch to watch The Smurfs :)  He flip flopped about 3-4 times while watching the movie...I go home, I stay here, I go home, I stay get the picture LOL! 

Grandma called mom to let her know that our company had decided to go home for the night so she said they would come pick him up.  By the time they arrived Cade was in "I go home" mode, so that's what he did.

So, now you may understand the post title....were grandpa and grandma just being used today for our roast beef dinner?? LOL!

Grandma loves you

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Start the Year Off Right.....

Seeing as we missed our usual New Year's Eve with the grandkids sleeping over because we were at Great Wolf Lodge, it felt good to have the girls and Cade here from yesterday afternoon until this morning!

They were all SOOOO good this visit....not that they're not usually good, but this time there were NO fights, NO bickering, NO hissy fits, was wonderful!  They even ate well, especially Hailee! Yipeeee!

To start with we picked them up yesterday afternoon around 2:00. As Hannah and Cade's betta fish had gone to Fishy Heaven the last couple of weeks, we promised them we would go fish shopping. Grandma had cleaned out both tanks and the water had been sitting for days, so everything was ready to make a new home for whatever bettas they picked for themselves :)

Luckily, the first pet store we stopped at had quite a few bettas, all beautifully colored. Of course before the bettas could be looked at the kids had to explore the whole pet store to see what other goodies/animals they could find :)

We went from creepy crawly snakes and lizards, to fluffy and cute rabbits and guinea pigs, not to mention all the little furry, and not-so-furry, critters such as hamsters, rats, mice and even "naked" rats! Yes, they have rats with no fur. Hannah said they looked like little pigs....hehehe!

At last our attention was focused on ones, burgundy ones, multicolored ones, white ones....all beautiful in my mind, but then I'm partial to bettas and their cute personalities :) Yes, bettas DO have personalities and are very good pets. They recognize people and will follow your finger and come swimming over to you if they think they have a chance for a treat :)  Plus, no allergies to worry about LOL! You can't ask for more than that!

After bringing a few different ones down to a level where Cade could have a good look at them...and only changing his mind twice LOL....he chose a beautiful teal colored betta and Hannah went for a burgundy one. She has to make sure whichever betta she gets that it has to match the pink gravel in her tank you know....LOL!

Grandpa had the honor of paying, as he usually does...hehehe...and off we went.  We had decided beforehand that we would drop off the fish at home so the water could come to room temperature in each of their bedrooms. But on the drive home we had a rousing discussion on fish names...hehehe. Cade first came up with Fishy, original don't you think for a 4 year old? LOL!  Hailee had some suggestions for both Cade and Hannah, but deep down I'm sure she was thinking of names for when her fish goes to fish heaven and she needs a new one :)

Finally the decision was made.  Cade loves the tv show Caillou, so his betta became Caillou!  Hannah asked if her fish was a boy or girl. After explaining that all fancy, long tailed bettas are boys, she decided on in Perry the Platypus from Disney...hehehe!

Cade laughed and said that when daddy heard he called his fish Caillou, that he would say "booooooo" as daddy doesn't like that show, but it didn't matter. We told him it was his fish and he could call it whatever he wanted too.

Once the fish were dropped off at home our next stop was the Dollar Store for things to paint.  I'm sure the girls and Cade are no different from any other kids when they get into a Dollar Store. They want everything...and I mean everything LOL!  It doesn't help that when they were really little grandpa and I would let them do that, but now we tell them ahead of time "we're going in for such and such...and nothing else, okay."  LOL!  It worked.

They picked up a couple things to paint...but we didn't leave without a little toy they each wanted. All in all it was a great trip to the collar store!

Mom had made some yummy cupcakes for their football party they were having last night, so she sent a few home with us. That's all Hailee could focus on....when will we be at your place grandma....can we eat the cupcakes as soon as we get we have to paint we have to wash our hands etc etc LOL! 

So not to extend her pain any further, I said as soon as they washed their hands when we got to our place, that they could have their cupcakes.  How cruel that grandpa put them on the kitchen table to sit while grandma worked around the dish of cupcakes to make room for plates etc. It was all worth it in the end though. Talk about yummy :)

Cade was happy that I chose the cupcake with chocolate icing as he said that's the one he decorated just for me :) He kept asking if that's the one I was going to have :)

On to taking off good shirts to get ready for painting....tablecloth rolled up, placemats in place, brushes, water, paint...that was shaken up very well by three little pairs of hands...and we were ready to begin. Each had what they chose at the dollar store and began the task of making it look good...hehehe! And as always, they indeed did look good :)

Grandma had made a big roaster of spaghetti sauce before we went to town, as as usual, all the kids were impressed to see so much spaghetti sauce in one spot LOL!   So I guess you can tell what we had for supper last night LOL...yup, their favorite, spaghetti. Not before cucumbers for the girls though and a bowl of cauliflower for Cade. He sure loves cauliflower and brocooli!

We weren't sure if they'd eat much after having their cupcakes, but eat they did....very well. Hailee even asked for seconds. Something she never does!  Good job Hailee!!  Cade wasn't feeling very well....darn sniffles....but he managed to eat a bit of spaghetti after his cauliflower. Hannah, as normal, ate well LOL!

Grandpa and Grandma went grocery shopping on Friday and we picked up some Skinny Cow dixie cups...Cookies & Cream. So it wouldn't cause friction, we bought ALL of the dixie cups the same flavor LOL!  Didn't take long for those to disappear either!

Cade wanted his bath right after eating but the girls wanted to wait, so Cade enjoyed some time in the tub playing with his pail full of toys...and I mean a pail full LOL!  After the girls had their baths they spent some time looking at their journals that grandma started for each of them when they were born. They love looking at all the baby pictures etc :) Actually, those journals are the reason grandma started writing this Blog. It just got to be too much to write 3 separate journals every time we were together, so as I mentioned in my very first blog post, these blog musings will be what eventually will be printed out and placed in each blog :)  With lots of pictures too, so don't worry. Those journals will get done Cade LOL! Being the youngest he doesn't understand why he doesn't have as many binders as the girls do...hehehe!

Cade had decided who was sleeping with who, and where....and it ended up the same as it does every time they sleep here.....Hannah in the kingsize bed with Grandma....he and Hailee in their bedroom with Grandpa on a foam mat LOL and Hailee and he on either side of grandpa.

Must say it was an earlier morning than usual. Grandpa, Hailee and Cade were up at 6:00 this morning!  Yikes. Hannah and grandma wanted to sleep in, but with all the noise...yes, I said noise...the other three were making, it made it impossible to actually sleep, but we did stay in bed until 8:00 LOL!  It's kind of funny because Hannah is usually the early bird and expects everyone to get up when she wants to be up early! Today she got some of her own medicine :)

Hailee picked the color of pancakes this morning...PINK....and they were all full, dressed, hair brushed, teeth brushed and ready for mom and dad to pick them up.

And do you know what they were doing this afternoon?  They were all having snowboarding and ski lessons!  Yup. They'll be flying down the slopes next winter I'm sure.  I know they'll have fun, but grandma and grandpa will keep our feet planted firmly on the you very much LOL!

Until our next visit....
Grandma loves you!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

And the fun continued....

....for the last couple of days that is LOL!  We had surprise sleepovers the last two days.  Hailee was having a friend sleepover last night so Hannah called on Wednesday afternoon to ask if she could have a sleepover here last sister LOL....with grandpa and I.  Silly question, as if we'd say NO to her :)

So as she and I were making arrangements about time, pick up for Friday afternoon, I could hear Cade in the background having a fit saying he wanted to come here too....but remember, Hannah didn't want anyone else with her...she wanted to be here herself....hehehe! So she started crying and saying she didn't want Cade to went on and on with the two of them LOL!

Mom came on the phone and I told her that we would take Cade on Saturday night...tonight....but he would have none of it. HE had to have his sleepover before Hannah....he had to be "first" in the sleepover department LOL!  So I suggested that he stay on Thursday night, and that's how we had our first surprise sleepover with Cade.

Grandpa had to drive grandma into town for a bit of shopping on Thursday....yes, grandma's foot is still too sore and she can't drive anywhere by herself really is getting old :(  I told mom that we would pick up Cade on our way home from shopping.

We got to all the stores we needed to and as grandpa ran into the grocery store for one last stop for a loaf of bread, I called mom to say we were 10 minutes from picking up Cade. She laughed and said it was a good thing because he'd been asking her all day when grandpa and grandma were coming to get him....hehehe!

Grandpa had to shovel the driveways so he told me to make sure mom packed Cade's snow suit, mitts and everything he needed to keep warm while outside.  He was so excited to help grandpa shovel. He just loves being outside whether it's cold or not, and once they were done he had grandpa give him rides in the snow float!

Of course before they went outside he asked if I was going out too but I had to tell him I was getting supper ready....roast beef....Cade's absolute favorite food to eat when he's here. In fact it's all he ate when we were at the inlaw's Christmas dinner last week!  All he wanted was grandma's roast beef LOL!

When grandpa and he came inside to eat Cade made sure I had his 'order' ready....roast beef cut up in a bowl with mashed potatoes, gravy and carrots....and it had to be all smashed up. That's just how he loved eating it when he was a baby :) In fact whenever we had roast beef when he was little I always made extra bowls just for Cade and froze them for his next visit. They always went down well :)

Mom didn't want him to have too much sugar after all the "stuff" they ate over the holidays, so we had Cool Whip with fresh berries.  A bowl of that went down quite fast too....Cade was teasing grandpa that he would be finished before grandpa...and he was. No surprise to grandma because grandpa isn't much of a fruit man LOL!

It was quite a while since Cade has stayed overnight by himself, even though he does talk a big talk...hehehe! We tried a couple other times to have him alone, but he always ended up wanting to go home. So as much as we were looking forward to him sleeping over, we were quite prepared to have him say he wanted to go home after his bath. So far so good...there was no mention of going home.

Then daddy called to say goodnight. Cade wanted to talk to each and every one to say he loved them and good night....and once again we were sure he would start crying that he wanted to go home. But he didn't....yipeeeee! When it was time for bed he wanted grandpa and I to lay down with him and he was out in a matter of minutes.

I called to let mom and dad know that he was indeed sleeping over...and with no fuss. When mom answered the phone she said when they heard it ring their first thought was "I guess Cade wants to come home", but I fooled them LOL...they were shocked, and happy that he had gone to sleep with no problems and neither of his sisters here :)  Hopefully it will be the first of many, many more "alone" sleepovers for Cade :)

Friday, yesterday, it was Hannah's turn to come over.  I wasn't sure what she would want to do but it turned out she didn't want to do anything! She loves movies and playing on the laptop, so that's what we did. Oh, and she brought her doll and her doll clothes, which she had to change a few times...and also her ipod touch. She tried her hardest to get grandma to learn how to play a game, but to no avail LOL! She also loves to play the little air hockey game that grandpa bought a couple years ago for's just a small table model, but we sure have fun when we play. And, the little stinker likes to "cheat"...I caught her a couple times with her fingers over the hole for her net....hehehe!

Her biggest excitement, and grandpa's too, was having hotdogs for supper....yeah!! They are both hotdogs lovers and don't get them very often, so Hannah really looked forward to supper. The best part...they were going to use the hotdog toaster that grandpa received as his secret santa gift (from mom) at Christmas. He didn't want to use it before this so he and Hannah could enjoy the treat...and enjoy it they did...especially when the weiners bounced right out the toaster as one point...hehehe!

So it was a quiet, relaxing evening with Hannah and us cuddling on the sofa...with the odd tickle here and there. When it was time for bed she took her ipod and I let her play games for a half hour. Then it was lights out and she followed suit a few minutes later, after a back scratch from grandma :)

Both mornings we had pancakes for for Cade and green for Hannah. Grandpa is always happy to have pancakes when the kids come because grandma makes extra and he gets to snack on them throughout the day LOL!

Ahhhhh what fun and what special memories we can take with us until the next visit!  Thanks for coming kids.

Grandma loves you

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Oh Where To Begin.....

I have to tell you that grandma is sitting here wondering where the heck that last two weeks have gone.....and to also tell you that it seems much longer than only two weeks since all the holiday craziness began :)

Santa was very good to everyone this year, and with loving family all around, what more could I ask for!

It started on December 23rd with Uncle Warren and Aunt Cindi coming up from southern Ontario, and lots and lots of prepping and cooking to get ready for Christmas Eve with family/friends that we have had year every year for decades.

The girls and Cade were quite excited for Santa to arrive and Cade was super wild while playing with Uncle Warren LOL! The kids don't get to see Uncle Warren very often, so it was nice that it didn't take a day or so for Cade to warm up to him this time.
Merry Christmas :)
Our little Hannah ended up spilling something on her outfit so mom put her in the tub, but Hannah couldn't wear her clothes home. So grandma went out to the storage shed to search through all the gifts to find the proverbial "new pjs" that every child gets at Christmas LOL!  Of course I should have known that it would trigger a "that's not fair" retort from mom and I went back to the shed to look for Hailee's wrapped pjs. We couldn't forget Cade either, so they all went home in new pjs LOL! Too cute!

Grandpa and I had bought them each school desks and chairs like the ones we have here for them. We were wondering who would be the first to ask why their desks/chairs were in the living room on Christmas morning.  We finally had to tell them to go clean up their bedroom so they would notice that they still had desks/chairs at our why were there extras in the LRoom? LOL!  I think they were in shock to realize that they could take these extra ones home with them :)

Once all the gifts were unwrapped and oohed and ahhhhed over we grabbed some leftovers from the night before to fill our tummies and the gang went home with us following shortly after to see all their new gifts and have Christmas dinner.

I have to tell everyone that my favorite meal is turkey, dressing and all the trimmings. So to go over to the kids and have a delicious turkey dinner is the best gift I can get LOL!  Thanks to our DIL's mom and dad for preparing such a great meal. We were almost too full to have any of the desserts that I made, but we managed and left stuffed just like the turkey had been LOL!

Home sweet home to decompress for the evening watching movies with Warren & Cindi, then up early the next day to start cooking a couple big roasts to bring to the Kirwan Christmas dinner that afternoon. I've been bringing sliced beef in gravy for years now and I think I will continue to bring it for years to come :)

It was great visiting with the family that could make it and the kids got to spend time with their little cousins who they don't see often. One little guy was quite taken with the girls and kept saying they were his girlfriends and trying to kiss them....hehehe!

Warren and Cindi left earlier that day for home as Brittney & Austin were coming back from their dad's. So when grandpa and I arrived home it was very quiet, but nice to finally let go and relax.

The next day it was time to clean up and start putting decorations away, not to mention catch up with laundry as I had to pack for the 29th as grandpa and I were heading down to Niagara Falls. Ryan, Angele, the girls and Cade were going to meet us there on the 30th and were were spending New Year's Eve at Great Wolf Lodge.  They were coming from Kingston after visiting her brother and his family and dropping off her parents there for a few days.

Grandpa and I had a really nice hotel room at the Falls that night right across from the Casino...with a jacuzzi tub!  Ahhhhh the calm before the storm LOL!
  And guess what's behind those shutter doors?
The jacuzzi tub of course!
The kids had no idea they were going to GWL so it was a big surprise when they pulled up into the parking lot. They also had no idea that grandma and grandpa were going to be there. So when our DIL came into the lobby to find us and we walked out to the van to see everyone, there were looks of shock on their faces. I think it took them a couple hours before realizing where they were LOL!

Seeing as Hailee can read and loves to read street signs now, our DIL said she had to keep dropping things on the van floor whenever she saw a sign/bridge etc that would trigger Hailee's reading abilities and her knowledge of landmarks, so Hailee had to look down to find what mom dropped LOL!
   Waiting for mom and dad to check in :)
When we first arrived at the Lodge and were waiting for our room to be ready, grandpa and daddy took the kids to explore. Mom and I hung around with the luggage cart enjoying the rest before all the craziness started. A while later the kids came running up to us with magic wands! Yes, grandpa's first foray into the gift shop with them and $169 later, they each had magic wands with lighted creatures to put on the end. All of this so they could go up and down the halls of the Lodge playing a game to open treasure chests and making books talk. it was too cute :)
After a break to have apples and Goldfish our room was finally ready. It didn't take long to sort out beds, luggage and change into our suits.
It was grandpa's first time at GWL so the kids were excited to show him all the things there were to see. Unfortunately, once we were changed into swim suits and down in the waterpark, no one thought to tell Grandpa about the water that people try to drop on you from above...hehehe...and he and Cade came walking up behind us completely drenched. We sure had a good laugh LOL!

Then it was every man/child for themselves.  One wanted to go to this water feature, another to another feature, some to the slides...and Hannah and I to her favorite, the wave pool :)  And yes, they even talked grandma and grandpa into walking flights of stairs to get to certain slides. My goodness, I never thought I'd go on some of those slides, but I did, and had a great time laughing all the way down.
Hailee, Mom and Grandpa coming down a ride!
I was even more surprised when I found out that grandpa went on a couple of slides what I never in a million years thought he would ride.  But all it took was Hailee's pleading to make him break LOL!
The kids brought along games for us to enjoy and grandpa and I were initiated into the game of Fibber and one with a wiener dog that you stuff with yellow "poop" and try to pump out the other end after throwing the dice. You wouldn't believe the sound effects from that one LOL!
Hehehe...Hannah trying to see what the pup's problem
was. Poor thing was "constipated" and the yellow poop
wouldn't come out LOL!
Our DIL had booked a loft room for all of sleeps 8 people!  The word "loft" should tell you all you need to know LOL!  It was ripe for throwing things to the beds down below. And who was on one of those beds? Hannah and grandma.  Daddy started it with throwing a soap wrapper down to us....then the clothes continued as well as hand towels and even a pillow at one point LOL!
Grandma rolling up a hand towel for Hannah
to try throwing back up to the loft LOL!
Hannah and I were not going to be outdone.  We got on the bed and started throwing everything back up to daddy.  Mind you, it was harder to toss everything back up to the loft than it was for daddy to throw things down to us, but we sure had fun LOL!
     Hailee and grandpa getting ready to play
On the 31st GWL had lots of great activities for the kids to enjoy....balloon hats, bean bag games. painting pillow cases...and everyone won candy regardless of how they did in the games LOL! They handed out white top hats for all the guys to wear and feather tiaras for the ladies to look stylish. Our DIL had chosen a medieval themed banquet for us to attend and once again we left stuffed.
  Happy New Year Everyone!
A little after 8:00 we got our winter coats/mitts on and went outside with the rest of the lodge to watch the fireworks the Lodge had prepared. It was wonderful watching the kids faces, even in the freezing temps, while they watched the exploding colors in the sky. 
Daddy and Cade watching the fireworks.
When we got back to the room the kids got their pjs on and we headed back down to the lobby for the NYE celebrations....balloon drop, music, singing, dancing, punch, noise makers, it was all there for the 10:00 ballon drop.
Get come the balloons.
Hannah was on my shoulders and you can see her left hand
trying to catch a balloon.
We managed to get a great spot under the balloons on the ceiling and when the count down was ready to start, the kids got on our shoulders to make sure they were able to grab a balloon or two :) Once all was said and done the kids were tired, cranky and we were all happy to get back to our room for the night.
  Having our own balloon drop
back in the room LOL!
In the morning, New Years Day, we had a light breakfast then grandpa and I loaded up the car with everyone's luggage and started home. The weather was great and so were the roads. The kids decided to get a later check out so they could enjoy the waterpark one last time. Unfortunately they weren't as lucky with the weather/roads and didn't get home until 9:00 last night. What a long day for them.

Our widower neighbor watched Sparkles for us and she was sooooo happy to see me when I went to pick her up. It was the first time we left her with someone and she's been sticking to me like glue since last night LOL!  She loves our neighbor, but there's no place like home.

What a great way to end one year and start the next.  Oh I wonder what joys this coming year will bring to our little family. There's only one way to find out....get up each morning and enjoy what each day brings :)
The saddest and funniest thing of the evening was after
mom set the camera to take this pic of us all.
Cade wanted to take a picture with his ipod and tried to
set it up the same way mom did. We tried to explain
that his ipod touch doesn't work like mom's camera
does. We didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He
was so determined to do it :)

Grandma loves you