Thursday, 22 September 2011

Let The Music Begin.....

Seven year old Hailee absolutely loves to the beat of her own drum...but she still loves to dance :)  A few years ago she took a few dance classes, but didn't enjoy it, so she of many things she has tried, and has refused to continue with.

This year our DIL decided to try again and brought her to a different dance school last night.  Poor Hailee kind of freaked out when she realized she was going to be in a class with some 10 year olds.  So the owner of the school gave her some hugs and said she would see how she does and then place her in another class next week once she saw what she could do.

Well, she loves it!  She did very well and is very flexible, so she's dropping down one class with kids that have already been dancing for a couple years, but are more around her age.  Quite the accomplishment Ms. Hailee!!  Grandpa and I look forward to attending your recital at the end of the year :)

Lucky us, while Hailee was at dance class (just across the highway from the subdivision where we live) we got to spend some time with Hailee's little brother, Cade! soon as he comes in the door and goes to find Grandpa, the very next thing he always wants to do is eat!  "I want eat Mama"....he's called me Mama since he started to talk, so I'm wondering if it will stick :) So cute.

After some snacking, play time and a bath, mom, dad and the girls were here to pick him up. It's amazing how much you can cram into an hour LOL!
Tonight the girls have swimming lessons.  Not sure if I'll be going as I have a darn head cold that is making my life miserable today.  Regardless, I'll make their little lunches for them and Grandpa can take it to them :)  Think I'll go have a big bowl of homemade lentil soup that I made this morning.

Grandma love you