Sunday, 13 January 2013

Start the Year Off Right.....

Seeing as we missed our usual New Year's Eve with the grandkids sleeping over because we were at Great Wolf Lodge, it felt good to have the girls and Cade here from yesterday afternoon until this morning!

They were all SOOOO good this visit....not that they're not usually good, but this time there were NO fights, NO bickering, NO hissy fits, was wonderful!  They even ate well, especially Hailee! Yipeeee!

To start with we picked them up yesterday afternoon around 2:00. As Hannah and Cade's betta fish had gone to Fishy Heaven the last couple of weeks, we promised them we would go fish shopping. Grandma had cleaned out both tanks and the water had been sitting for days, so everything was ready to make a new home for whatever bettas they picked for themselves :)

Luckily, the first pet store we stopped at had quite a few bettas, all beautifully colored. Of course before the bettas could be looked at the kids had to explore the whole pet store to see what other goodies/animals they could find :)

We went from creepy crawly snakes and lizards, to fluffy and cute rabbits and guinea pigs, not to mention all the little furry, and not-so-furry, critters such as hamsters, rats, mice and even "naked" rats! Yes, they have rats with no fur. Hannah said they looked like little pigs....hehehe!

At last our attention was focused on ones, burgundy ones, multicolored ones, white ones....all beautiful in my mind, but then I'm partial to bettas and their cute personalities :) Yes, bettas DO have personalities and are very good pets. They recognize people and will follow your finger and come swimming over to you if they think they have a chance for a treat :)  Plus, no allergies to worry about LOL! You can't ask for more than that!

After bringing a few different ones down to a level where Cade could have a good look at them...and only changing his mind twice LOL....he chose a beautiful teal colored betta and Hannah went for a burgundy one. She has to make sure whichever betta she gets that it has to match the pink gravel in her tank you know....LOL!

Grandpa had the honor of paying, as he usually does...hehehe...and off we went.  We had decided beforehand that we would drop off the fish at home so the water could come to room temperature in each of their bedrooms. But on the drive home we had a rousing discussion on fish names...hehehe. Cade first came up with Fishy, original don't you think for a 4 year old? LOL!  Hailee had some suggestions for both Cade and Hannah, but deep down I'm sure she was thinking of names for when her fish goes to fish heaven and she needs a new one :)

Finally the decision was made.  Cade loves the tv show Caillou, so his betta became Caillou!  Hannah asked if her fish was a boy or girl. After explaining that all fancy, long tailed bettas are boys, she decided on in Perry the Platypus from Disney...hehehe!

Cade laughed and said that when daddy heard he called his fish Caillou, that he would say "booooooo" as daddy doesn't like that show, but it didn't matter. We told him it was his fish and he could call it whatever he wanted too.

Once the fish were dropped off at home our next stop was the Dollar Store for things to paint.  I'm sure the girls and Cade are no different from any other kids when they get into a Dollar Store. They want everything...and I mean everything LOL!  It doesn't help that when they were really little grandpa and I would let them do that, but now we tell them ahead of time "we're going in for such and such...and nothing else, okay."  LOL!  It worked.

They picked up a couple things to paint...but we didn't leave without a little toy they each wanted. All in all it was a great trip to the collar store!

Mom had made some yummy cupcakes for their football party they were having last night, so she sent a few home with us. That's all Hailee could focus on....when will we be at your place grandma....can we eat the cupcakes as soon as we get we have to paint we have to wash our hands etc etc LOL! 

So not to extend her pain any further, I said as soon as they washed their hands when we got to our place, that they could have their cupcakes.  How cruel that grandpa put them on the kitchen table to sit while grandma worked around the dish of cupcakes to make room for plates etc. It was all worth it in the end though. Talk about yummy :)

Cade was happy that I chose the cupcake with chocolate icing as he said that's the one he decorated just for me :) He kept asking if that's the one I was going to have :)

On to taking off good shirts to get ready for painting....tablecloth rolled up, placemats in place, brushes, water, paint...that was shaken up very well by three little pairs of hands...and we were ready to begin. Each had what they chose at the dollar store and began the task of making it look good...hehehe! And as always, they indeed did look good :)

Grandma had made a big roaster of spaghetti sauce before we went to town, as as usual, all the kids were impressed to see so much spaghetti sauce in one spot LOL!   So I guess you can tell what we had for supper last night LOL...yup, their favorite, spaghetti. Not before cucumbers for the girls though and a bowl of cauliflower for Cade. He sure loves cauliflower and brocooli!

We weren't sure if they'd eat much after having their cupcakes, but eat they did....very well. Hailee even asked for seconds. Something she never does!  Good job Hailee!!  Cade wasn't feeling very well....darn sniffles....but he managed to eat a bit of spaghetti after his cauliflower. Hannah, as normal, ate well LOL!

Grandpa and Grandma went grocery shopping on Friday and we picked up some Skinny Cow dixie cups...Cookies & Cream. So it wouldn't cause friction, we bought ALL of the dixie cups the same flavor LOL!  Didn't take long for those to disappear either!

Cade wanted his bath right after eating but the girls wanted to wait, so Cade enjoyed some time in the tub playing with his pail full of toys...and I mean a pail full LOL!  After the girls had their baths they spent some time looking at their journals that grandma started for each of them when they were born. They love looking at all the baby pictures etc :) Actually, those journals are the reason grandma started writing this Blog. It just got to be too much to write 3 separate journals every time we were together, so as I mentioned in my very first blog post, these blog musings will be what eventually will be printed out and placed in each blog :)  With lots of pictures too, so don't worry. Those journals will get done Cade LOL! Being the youngest he doesn't understand why he doesn't have as many binders as the girls do...hehehe!

Cade had decided who was sleeping with who, and where....and it ended up the same as it does every time they sleep here.....Hannah in the kingsize bed with Grandma....he and Hailee in their bedroom with Grandpa on a foam mat LOL and Hailee and he on either side of grandpa.

Must say it was an earlier morning than usual. Grandpa, Hailee and Cade were up at 6:00 this morning!  Yikes. Hannah and grandma wanted to sleep in, but with all the noise...yes, I said noise...the other three were making, it made it impossible to actually sleep, but we did stay in bed until 8:00 LOL!  It's kind of funny because Hannah is usually the early bird and expects everyone to get up when she wants to be up early! Today she got some of her own medicine :)

Hailee picked the color of pancakes this morning...PINK....and they were all full, dressed, hair brushed, teeth brushed and ready for mom and dad to pick them up.

And do you know what they were doing this afternoon?  They were all having snowboarding and ski lessons!  Yup. They'll be flying down the slopes next winter I'm sure.  I know they'll have fun, but grandma and grandpa will keep our feet planted firmly on the you very much LOL!

Until our next visit....
Grandma loves you!