Saturday, 4 February 2012

Let the Fun Begin...

Grandpa and I are going to have a fun day!  Hailee, Hannah and Cade are coming over for a sleepover...yipeeeee!  All three haven't been here for a sleepover since New Years Eve!

This morning after swimming lessons they stopped in for a quick visit with their cousin Isabella. She likes to come here to visit and was worried she would have to go home before she had a chance to come :) She had a sleepover last night with the Grandkids.
Hmmm...would you like a knife
for that pancake Hannah? LOL!
Isabella sure loves to visit here :)
Hey Hailee, what's so finger licking good?
Nutella of course LOL!

  Who could ever resist that smile on Cade's face? :)
They had all eaten breakfast before going to swimming, but I still made pancakes just in case they wanted a pancakes this time.  And yes, they devoured them like they hadn't seen pancakes before LOL!

The gang left, but not without complaining about why they couldn't stay for the day until mom and dad come back for supper LOL!  Grandpa has a lot of work to catch up with and this grandma needs a bit of rest before the fun begins tonight!

Supper was delicious...yummy salmon and lots of leftovers for lunch today :)  The kids weren't too happy that mom and dad were staying for supper though.  Before they got in the back door, they were telling them to go home....hehehe!

So to make them happy we had an early supper so mom and dad could leave...which they did a little after 5:00. Then we all bundled up and went outside to play.  Hannah and Cade wanted to come in around 6:15, but Hailee and Grandpa stayed outside until after 7:00. That girl sure loves being outside.  She and Grandpa were having a great time throwing a ball from one side of the truck to the other, and Hailee hiding in the garage so Grandpa had to find her....and find her he did.  She came in and said "Grandma, did you hear me scream?"  She thought hiding against the second garage door (two car garage) that Grandpa wouldn't find her. But Grandpa scare the pants off her when he lifted the door from the outside LOL!  She was still talking about it this morning! After baths, snacks and some hot chocolate it was quiet time. All in all a great evening :)
Right after supper though, before mom and dad left, we Skyped Uncle Warren as it's his 35th birthday today!  Mom made yummy chocolate cupcakes from scratch (can't stop eating them once you start LOL) and the girls/Cade each decorated one, stuck a candle in each and we sang Happy Birthday to Uncle Warren...then we ate the cupcakes in front of him....hehehe!  Sorry Uncle Warren, maybe you can have one next time you come here!
 Happy Birthday Uncle Warren!
1...2...3....blow out those candles!!
Hmmmm....sleeping arrangements, yet to be decided.  Grandpa, I really think we need to get a king size bed so the girls and I can sleep all together LOL!

More later.
Grandma Love You

Good Super Bowl Sunday morning everyone!  We had a great night.  Sleeping arrangements were confirmed before bedtime last night.  Hannah, as usual, would sleep with Grandma. She and I are a good team. We're both hot and kick our covers off during the night LOL!

Hailee and Grandpa slept in the queen bed in Uncle Warren's old room, and Cade slept on the foam mats on the floor.  So everyone was happy :)

Just as I was crawling into bed around 11:00, Hailee came waltzing into the bedroom and tried to get into bed, on top of Hannah LOL!  Luckily I was able to get around the bed in time to pick her up. Grandpa came to get her and they went downstairs to bed.  Funny thing is Hailee doesn't remember that she did that last night LOL!

When grandpa first brought Hailee and Cade to bed around 8:00, Hailee fell asleep quickly...counting snowballs....hehehe!  Grandpa thought Cade was sleeping, but as soon as Grandpa came into the kitchen and closed the door to the stairs, we could hear little knocking at the door. There was Cade, saying "I was knocking at the door" LOL!  Little bum.  He went back down with Grandpa and was asleep in a matter of minutes.

Now if only Hannah and I could teach Grandpa, Hailee and Cade to be Q U I E T when they get up in the morning, we'd be happy.  Boy, they sure make a lot of noise...bursting into the bedroom, talking loudly. Hannah and I were quite content to stay cuddled in the bed, but nooooo way was that going to happen LOL!

After breakfast they all wanted to go outside again before mom and dad came to pick them up.  So out we went. I had great help refilling bird feeders, and helping them make a "cabin" in the deep snow in the back yard.  They sure have great imaginations at this age, and surprisingly, it makes us "oldsters" start using our imagination in ways we hadn't done in many, many years :)

Grandpa keeps a path shoveled around the back yard and the kids love wandering, exploring and again, using those imaginations :)  Thanks grandpa. We love those pathways :)

Pathway going around the back corner
brush pile that the birds just love :)
Daddy came at 10:00 to pick the kids up, but he had to take a walk and play in the backyard for a while first :)  Hailee said she loves our backyard...lots of nooks and crannies to wander through....and that their yard is boring LOL!  What a girl!

Until next visit!

Grandma loves you