Sunday, 25 September 2011

Ready or not....

Here we come! 

Those were the resounding words we heard through out backyard last night as Cade and Grandpa, and Hannah and I paired up for a game of Hide & Seek.  We have a lot of nooks and crannies in our yard that make the best places to hide. Mind you, this grandma couldn't quite squeeze into some of the "holes" that Hannah could, and she couldn't understand what grandma just couldn't do it LOL!

Cade is so funny....he can't stop talking or laughing, so he made it very easy to know where he and grandpa were hiding, but I told Hannah to pretend we were having a hard time...hehehe!  What fun. They didn't even want to come in for bath time!

Once they were bathed, in pjs, with snacks in hand, we all settled down to watch Spooky Buddies. Hannah was so tired she fell asleep before it was even over, and Cade decided he and grandpa should go watch the hockey game in the bedroom LOL!  Didn't take long before he had grandpa taking him to bed.

Both kids slept well all night and at 7:30 the first thing from their mouths was "pancakes grandma" :)  Blue ones this time!

Mom called around 9:30 to say daddy would be here to pick them up, and both yelled "no, we're not ready....we have to have another sleepover" LOL!  Cade is such a little smartie pants.  When grandpa said he should get his shoes on, the panic was evident in Cade's voice...."no, daddy not here yet". As if it would prolong his time here if he didn't have his shoes on when daddy arrived LOL!

Time goes so quickly...for the grandkids and especially for us grandparents! And as tired as we are when they leave, we can hardly wait for the next visit :)

Grandma loves you