Sunday, 28 August 2011

Shhhh....what's that I hear?

What? Nothing you say?  I hear nothing?  Yup LOL, that's exactly what I hear right now.  We did have a whirlwind weekend with two of the GK's, Hannah and Cade.  Big sister Hailee spent Thursday and overnight with us, then we switched over for the other two while Hailee went to her BFF's for the weekend, and is on her way as I type, to a friend's birthday party :)

We didn't really have anything planned for the weekend but we sure managed to keep busy. Between riding bikes, playing dress up with old Halloween costumes, stripping down and playing in the dog's pool...again LOL, watching movies, eating and sleeping, the time just flew.
Mooooo....this Halloween costume has been
around a very long time and has been put to
good use...not only on October 31st of each year!

It's getting harder and harder for the girls
to fit into this Unicorn costume...but they
keep figuring out ways to do it LOL!

In between all the regular stuff we managed to get to a local conservation park and went through 3 loaves of bread...whole wheat of course....while feeding the ducks, geese, the gulls, and even the odd slice being munched on by the two legged human kids LOL!
Watch those fingers Hannah LOL!
Can I have a piece Grandma?
That question is why we always buy fresh
whole wheat bread to feed the ducks LOL!

Don't lean over too far!!
We had a ball and both kids were right into it. Our brave Hannah even fed a few Canadian Geese right from her hand. Not without being warned beforehand to make sure the pieces of bread she was offering them were much longer than normal size LOL!  Cade got ohhhhhhh so close, but ended up dropping the bread and pulling his little hand back...hehehe...much preferring to throw the bread away from him :)
A visit to feed the ducks is not complete unless they get
to play at the playground on the grounds!

As usual, pancakes were on the menu for breakfast pancakes this time...and grandma finally got smart this weekend and made enough so I wouldn't have to make more from scratch this morning!  Just removed the extra from the fridge and heated in the microwave.  See, there is an advantage to getting "old" and wiser :)

Don't worry mom, it's only a butter knife :)

  Hey, where's my knife??
Grandpa packed up the bikes, suitcases, dog and drove them home around 12:30 so all is quiet. Seems strange somehow that I can still hear their chattering in the bedroom and their giggles as even the silliest little thing makes them laugh...and makes us laugh too :)

If any grandparents (or parents) out there want to get something great
for a small grandchild that will greatly help when they start riding
a two wheel bike....get the Strider bike! It's the next best thing
since sliced bread....geez, I'm sounding like my mother with that
statement LOL!  But really, there are no wheels, the child just pushes
themselves along and eventually can coast with both feet up.
They get total balance control and won't need training wheels when
moved up to a regular two wheel bike!
Cade won't be 3 til the end of October, yet he can keep up with
his sisters as he pushes and coasts on his Strider!

Five year old Hannah will not be showed up. She
gave up her training wheels a couple weeks ago
and has quickly become a pro with her bike!
You go girl!!
One more week to go before school starts, then our visits will be fewer and further between. However, they do start swimming lessons again this Thursday, so grandma and grandpa will be there with the usual sandwich/snacks/drinks to watch, wave, smile and just plain enjoy more great memory making time.

Grandma loves you