Thursday, 15 March 2012


Yes, Ouch is what our DIL was saying yesterday when she had an infected tooth extracted.  I brought her to the oral surgeon and picked her up. The funny part is she doesn't even remember paying for the work done, or our ride home....hehehe!

Around 4:30 yesterday afternoon our phone rang is a little voice on the other end said "grandma, can we come for a visit?"  As if you need to even ask :)  Then she said "I mean for a sleepover." LOL!  I asked if she wanted me to pick her up or have daddy drop her off on his way back to the office after supper.  I think we all know the answer to that one....hehehe!
A definite right of passage for anyone living in the North LOL!
All winter long we shovel tons of snow off the driveway, and at
this time of year we shovel it back onto the driveway so it
melts faster and makes those snow banks disappear....hehehe!
Ahhhhhh....child labor and all they wanted was a Dilly Bar!
Hehehe....I hated to burst their bubble, but they thought
if they piled snow into a puddle that it would turn into
ice overnight. With our mild temps it wasn't going to get
below freezing last night. They still had fun though :)

I was planning on picking up little Cade as well so mom could have a quiet evening with her sore mouth, but by the time I got to their house I was informed that he has already called Grandpa and asked if he could come over too....hehehe....little monkey :)

So an unplanned evening of fun was an unexpected surprise, thanks to mom's extraction :)
Hannah relaxing after all that shoveling!
Great job Hannah :)
This morning it was BLUE pancakes and we made some biiiiig ones that almost took up the whole plate LOL!  Both finished them, plus more, with no trouble at all :)
Hey grandpa, don't forget Nutella on the other half LOL!
 Don't put it in your outh all at once Hannah :)
Mom called and said she was going to pick up the kids then head to town. I asked if she wanted me to tag along....I really didn't want to see her lifting the kids into car seats etc.....she isn't supposed to lift anything for a couple weeks, thanks to the tooth, so we all headed to town.
Killing some time while mom was looking at Dishwashers!
Going from mattress to mattress just trying them out :)
Dreaming of summer days while on a riding lawnmower.
Won't be using that for a few weeks yet Cade LOL!

With rain boots, coats, tshirts, sunglasses and a new dishwasher picked out we stopped for lunch. Yum it was good...thanks mom :)  Poor mom couldn't eat though, again, thanks to that darn tooth....hehehe!

Big sister Hailee spent the week at a friend's camp and was coming home tonight. Tomorrow they're all leaving for the weekend to go to another camp so it will be a quiet weekend. I may be able to get some work done outside....well, at least where it's dry and there isn't any snow left on the ground :)  I really need to move a couple feeders as I'm tired of shells being dragged into the house every time we come in the house.

Have a great weekend guys.

Grandma loves you