Saturday, 3 March 2012

Time Keeps Rolling Along....

Grandma got off lucky this year. I didn't have to make
cupcakes or a cake. Mom made these delicious
chocolate cupcakes that disppeared quickly :)

And rolling, and rolling :)  Today our little granddaughter Hannah turned six years old! Yes, six years old.  Normally this wouldn't seem like a big deal for most people, but having spent the first 18 months of her life in hospitals having test after test, surgery after surgery for some bladder/kidney problems, seeing this little one turn 6 seemed to mark a milestone. Like we've been able to leave her "babyhood" behind and enjoy what's to come.
The Birthday Girl with mom & dad :)


I doubt Hannah will have any idea of how grandma is feeling today. I'm not even sure if anyone else in the family feels this way, but I do :)  It's difficult to explain....but all I know is it feels very good to see a healthy, happy little girl enjoying her big day with so many friends and family around to help enjoy it with her.
The Birthday Girl with grandpa and grandma :)
The Birthday Girl with Memere & Pepere :)
We all went to see The Lorax at the movies, then had a party there with pizza, chicken nuggets, hotdogs, cupcakes, a DQ ice cream cake (which Hannah just loves) and presents....lots and lots of presents.

It was a wonderful day seeing our 'baby girl' take this happy step in her short life. This grandma can sleep well tonight knowing Hannah had a wonderful day, and hopefully a wonderful and dad have a total of 5 girls sleeping over tonight....hehehe!

Happy Birthday my little Pixie!
Grandma loves you