Sunday, 22 July 2012

Quality Time......

Grandpa and I were lucky this weekend. We were able to have Hannah all to ourselves!  Big sister and little brother went camping with Memere and Pepere....Hannah is not so crazy about the bush, or about sweating, or being hot....hehehe....all of which would have hit her this weekend with the weather we've been having.

So the other two went on their merry way and mom and dad dropped Hannah off here yesterday morning.  I must say she really is easy to have around when she's by herself.  She isn't into needing to "do" things. All she wanted was to go to the playground a couple doors down from their house. So...that's what we did. We even offered to go to the movies and she said no.
See....just like a monkey LOL!
It was a nice overcast, almost chilly day considering the scorching weather we've had lately. It was a perfect day for grandma to be outside!

Hannah is such a combo between wanting to be a Tom Boy and a Princess....hehehe!  She was not happy that the slides were wet. By wet I mean a few drops from the rain their area had before we arrived at the playground.  So grandpa walked back to the deck and brought back a towel to wipe down the slides for Hannah LOL!

We asked her what she wanted to do after we left the playground and all she wanted to do was go swimming. She's like a fish!  I tried to talk her out of it as it wasn't exactly swimming weather. Beside the cooler temperature there was a really strong wind blowing.  She wasn't going to be persuaded any differently, so after stopping to pick up Subs for lunch, we came back here to eat, change into bathing suits, gathered towels and away we went.

Brrrrrrrrr is all grandma can say about stepping into that pool LOL!  Wow, it was really cold. But I do have to say that I was the first one in. Hannah stood on the steps, shaking, for a few minutes...and grandpa was still sitting in a lawn chair on the deck!  Come on chickens. If grandma can do it, so can you.
See....just like a fish! Hence....Fishmonk!
And there she goes LOL!
Sorry for grandma's get up...but with
my vitiligo I have to stay covered up.
Once we were all 'wet' and shivering, grandpa decided to try and warn up so started walking around the edge of the pool. I waited until he was halfway around and I started walking in the circle too.

Hannah asked what we were doing, and I tried to explain that we were making a whirlpool....if she waited, she would see how it worked. It didn't take long for the current to take her around the pool, with her giggling the whole time. She tried to swim back to the steps and she couldn't get there, so more laughing ensued....hehehe! We had a great time!

After 45 minutes my body was getting goosebumps. It was time to get out!  Hannah wanted to swim underwater just one more time, between my legs to the other side of the pool first.  The little stinker made it too.  Between her love of water and the way she climbs on the monkey bars, I started calling her "Fishmonk"....hehehe! She wasn't impressed.

We came home and she wanted to make a puppet with all the craft stuff I had on the table from the other day when Hailee and Cade were over.  She is SO precise in how she wants things to look, and gave me perfect instructions how to sew this, that and the other thing onto her "dragon". It turned out really well and we spent almost an hour role playing with the puppets.
 Battle of the puppets!
Grandpa had her in stitches when he took over.  It's amazing how goofy we will act to get a laugh out of our grandkids LOL! Wish I had filmed her....she couldn't stop laughing and was almost falling off her stool....hehehe!

Of course she didn't think she needed to have a bath because of being in the pool, so I let her get away with it last night :)  Pj time, snack time, quiet time and falling asleep time on the couch...with her leg in the air because she was hot.
LOL....there's Mylo laying at her head.
They were both out cold!
Hannah was not impressed this morning when grandpa
showed her this picture. She said she had better not see
it on Facebook....hehehe! She really wanted us
to delete it! We think it's cute, so it stays LOL!
Grandpa moved her to our bed...she decided to sleep with me last night....and grandpa went to the spare room. I have to say, grandpa and I have slept apart more in the last 8 years since grandkids came along, than we have the other 32 years of our marriage LOL! All for a great cause however, all for a great cause :)

As normal on mornings after a sleepover, it's pancake time and Hannah was excited to be able to crack all the eggs by herself this time. She even got to choose the color she wanted....GREEN!

Mom and dad came around 10:30 to pick her up and we visited for a while before they went on their way.  Hannah picked up all the goodies she wanted to bring home....puppets (Hailee & Cades as well as her own), wallet, clothes and Star. Her sleeping buddy. Actually, she has SIX Stars and knows the slightest difference between them all!

It was back to boring regular stuff once they were gone....laundry, dishes, laundry. I did manage to sit out in the gazebo to get some birdwatching in before it got too warm outside though. So I was happy.

Today was also our youngest granddaughter's 1/2 year birthday!  Imagine that! Aislin is already 6 months old. She'll be crawling before long. Can't wait until our next visit!
Until next time.

Grandma loves you