Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Field Trips......

Having been a stay at home mom for our three sons, I was able to spend lots...and lots...of time helping at school, going on field trips with their various classes each year, and baking lots and lots of cakes for all the holidays. That's one decorated cake for each son, for each celebration LOL!

I've been very lucky to be involved in the same way with our two oldest grandkids, Hailee and Hannah :))  Grandpa however hasn't been as fortunate. Being a teacher for almost 30 years before he retired, he wasn't able to go on any field trips with our sons.  Sooooo he is now thoroughly enjoying Field Trips with Hailee and Hannah.

Over the last couple of years he's carved pumpkins at the grocery store a couple times, toured grocery stores, and has been involved in a few other things that this grandma's brain can't even remember LOL!

Today was no exception.  Hannah, who is in kindergarten, was having a Field Trip to the library in town.  Some of the chaperones were allowed to go on the bus, as room permitted, so Grandpa made sure he was at school early so he could ride the school bus with Hannah :)  One of her little friends was sitting with them on the bus as well, and another little girl came up to them and said she wanted to sit with Grandpa too....hehehe! Hannah let her know they didn't have room. She's very "protective" of her grandpa and doesn't like to share...as was evidenced by her holding his hand the whole time :)

All went well and she asked Grandpa if he would go with her the next time they go on a Field Trip :)  The smile on his face was huge, and makes me happy that he can enjoy doing things with the grandkids that I took for granted with our own sons.

Later this week he'll be at school with Hailee as her class has a treasure hunt. Should be fun and I look forward to hearing all about it :)

Grandma loves you
P.S. Speaking of our Hannah, she didn't have a very good day yesterday.  Our DIL got a call from school, saying the little girl sitting with Hannah on the bus to school, was sick...all over Hannah :((  So our DIL brought fresh clothes etc and was able to get Hannah back into class with little lost time.  The thing I think that upset Hannah the most is that the girl was sick all over her new backpack :( It couldn't be salvaged.

I had been shopping in town and called our DIL about finding Fairy costumes for Hannah for Halloween. She asked if I could possibly go to a certain store to try and find the same backpack that she had to throw out.  Luckily I was able to find the same color...purple...but it had Pandas on it and not cupcakes as her original one had. She was still very happy, and so was I.

It's amazing at how things that can seem so insignificant to adults, mean the world is falling apart to a little child.