Friday, 14 October 2011

Cough, cough, sneeze, sneeze....

Sadly along with our Indian Summer and the changing Fall weather, we also have lots of nasty bugs to deal with.....head cold season...ugh!  Poor little Cade was up most of the night last night doing exactly the cough, cough, sneeze, sneeze thing.  So when mom didn't want to drag him grocery shopping this morning, he came here for an hour or so.

As usual, the first thing he does when he comes in is say "I eat Mama" LOL! And so the buffet begins. Of course this morning it started with a purple is evidenced by his little purple tongue that he was more than eager to show everyone :)

Our time together went way too fast, but don't despair. He's coming for a sleepover tomorrow night...yipeeeee...and yes, there are more popsicles in the freezer!  See you then big guy!

Grandma loves you