Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Oh the memories of young children in sports!  Good?  Bad?  Funny? Laughable? All of the previous adjectives will apply at one time or another LOL!  Tonight was our night to have an hour of thos adjectives....hehehe...while watching Hannah (5) at her basketball "camp".

Now don't laugh!! I'm sure we can all remember those hot summer days when we went to watch our own kids playing soccer for the very first time.  You know what I mean....the times when at least one kid was sitting at one end of the soccer field playing with blades of grass, while the remainder of their team and the opposing team were all crowded around the ball at the other end of the field LOL!
Action shot LOL!
Their team is sponsered by Dairy Queen,
and apparently, they will be going there
next week.  Excitement, joy!  No talk about
actually playing basketball though LOL!
Hannah loved the drills and stretching part of the whole thing.  Then it was game time!  She strolled around the middle of the court, one hand on a hip and the other hand up at her mouth, playing with her second loose tooth....hehehe!
What makes it a lot more fun is that Hannah's
cousin Isabella (who is 3 days older than Hannah)
also plays on the same team. Yeah!!!
Grandpa and I had a great time watching however. Must admit, we haven't laughed that hard in a long time.  Thanks for the chuckles Hannah.

Grandma loves you