Monday, 26 November 2012

Where has it gone?

The last few weeks I mean. Where has it all gone?  We're less than a month away from the BIG day, and panic is starting to set in.

I must admit that I've decided there are some things that just will not get done for this Christmas.  Mainly, baking. Nope.  Don't need it, no one else needs it or wants it and the last few months of being laid up with my darn foot, has made it impossible to stand and actually bake for more than a few minutes at a time.  It's hard enough to keep my weight stable while not being able to walk, exercise, swim.

Sooooooo...we'll be much "lighter" come January 1st next year....hehehe.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it :)

Grandpa and I have been away a lot the last few weeks also....3-4 days each week. So it takes me until the next business to gain some energy back....vicious cycle....but I do love to stay in hotels, even if I still have to keep my feet up :)

This past Saturday GD Hailee was going to the movies with a friend, mom and dad had been invited out for dinner, so Hannah and Cade were bugging mom to bring them here for a visit.  We're not used to going for a week at a time without seeing any of the grandkids, so grandpa and I needed our fix as well :)

There are the usual 'things' that need doing when they come in....especially at this time of year with their Christmas decorations just waiting to be moved around and played with. Not to mention taking the photo ornaments off our Family Tree so they could be photocopied....who knows why, they just love doing it LOL!

Cade came out of the bedroom/playroom at one point and said "we going to Pizza Hut for supper Mama".....I guess he and Hannah had discussed this matter, and he was voted to come tell me LOL!  When the time came to head out the door I used my grandmother's wisdom and told them they had to pee before we went or we wouldn't be able to go.

Cade was having none of it.  He said he didn't have to go and if he did he could go at the restaurant. comes the wisdom part....I told him that he didn't want to do that because restaurant washrooms are dirty. Remember that :)

He did close the bathroom door and came back out a couple minutes later with his pants all crooked, so I'm assuming he did try. Hands washed, coats/hats/boots on we headed out to Pizza Hut.

In their discussions they must have decided that we would go to the local ice cream shop for dessert, but as luck had it at this time of year....brrrrrrrr.....the little shop was closed.  The next best thing would be Dairy Queen which is right along the way home.

Sundaes ordered, lots of napkins on the table, everyone getting a taste of everyone else's sundaes and there was happiness :)  About halfway through my Sundae I had to get up and headed to the little girl's room.  About 15' from the table I could hear Cade yell out something, but I didn't quite catch what he said.  I looked back and grandpa and Hannah were laughing their heads off.

Yup....remember what I wrote above about not using restaurant washrooms?  Well.....when I got back to the table I asked what Cade had said to get them laughing and grandpa told me that after I said I was going to the washroom, Cade decided to yell at me "the washrooms here are dirty Mama" LOL!

Thank goodness the place wasn't busy and one of the girls that works there who was having something to eat just a couple tables from us, had her ipod earphones in, so I'm hoping she hadn't heard Cade....hehehe! 

Yup....grandma's wisdom and out of the mouths of babes!  Sometimes these two things do not go together :)

The gang is coming over on Thursday for supper....we had to make a date because everyone is so busy all the time.  So this grandma is going back to gift wrapping.  See you guys in a few days.

Grandma loves you