Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Twice As Special....

Yes, the 22nd has become twice as special to us this year :)  Not only is it our youngest grandson Keelan's 3rd birthday, but it's also his baby sister's 1st month birthday!! Two for the price of one LOL!

Not being able to see them until the weekend, this grandma did a little something to commemorate the day anyway.  Unfortunately, it will be up to grandpa and I to eat these little treats before we leave tomorrow morning LOL!

Somehow I doubt grandpa will have any problem devouring at least one of them....and perhaps the other will go into the freezer tonight for a future sweet-tooth fix later on :)

Whatever happens to them doesn't really matter. What does matter is we'll be spending a couple days with Keelan, Aislin, mom and dad....yipeeeee! Pics to follow I'm sure LOL!

Grandma loves you