Thursday, 4 August 2011

Quick Visit

What a fun surprise!  Our DIL and 3 GK's, as well as our DIL's cousin, came over for a visit around 4:00. We yakked and yakked then I asked if they wanted to stay for supper....and just order pizza. The GK's were excited to have pizza and to stay for supper. So that's what we did. 

DIL and her cousin drove back to their place to get a salad her cousin had made and we had a great time. The kids got to play and get toys all over the house LOL, then go home to get ready to bed when all the yawns started.

Gotta love those surprise visits....and those grandkids :))

Grandma love you

Taking The Leap....

I guess like a lot of people out in cyberspace, it has taken me a long time to finally start this blog.  Wondering things such as will anyone actually read what I write about?  What did I want to accomplish with a blog? What did I hope to get out of it? Will I find something to write about every few days? I am definitely not going to be an every-day-entry kind of blogger LOL!

As these questions meandered in and out of my soon-to-be 60 year old grandmother brain, I realized that I'm not doing this for anyone else. Sorry, but if no one else reads it, it doesn't matter. I'm doing this for me and to record my life with my wonderful family...especially the grandkids!

First let me fill you in on exactly why I finally did decide to blog. When our first grandchild, a girl, was born 7 years and one month ago, I thought I'd start a journal for her, detailing our life with her in it...sleepovers, visits, favorite foods, happy times, sad times, trips. All with pictures of course.  It took on a scrapbook appearance, but with a lot more writing than a normal scrapbook.

Well, 20 months later along came grandchild number Two.  Another sweet little girl. Baby sister to granddaughter number One.  Could life get any better?  So as I did with our first GD, a journal/scrapbook was started for GD2.  It took a bit of doing to keep up with our comings and goings....they only live 5 minutes away, so we see them all the time and LOVE it....and it also took a bit of doing to keep up with the journals.

All was going along fine with our lives and then along came grandchild number Three. Baby brother to his two big sisters!  All was great with the world.  And as with GD's One and Two, a journal/scrapbook was started.

I think you can see where this is going.  It has been almost impossible to keep up with the journals/scrapbooks that I so much wanted to create for all three of them. Something they could have as they get older and can remember all the memories we shared and created.

Add to this another little Grandson from our youngest son...who is four months younger than GS1...and what can I say.  My blog is being created to write our comings and goings, all in one place! I'll probably just copy/paste and print each entry out and add it to each of their journals.

So my dearest grandchildren, forgive Grandma for even thinking of doing such a thing. But I'd much rather spend my free time actually playing with you and forming those wonderful memories, than sitting in a dark corner making three of everything to add to your journals.

Another bonus for my hubby and I as grandparents are having another GD and GS officially added to the mix a couple weeks ago when our middle son married a great lady!  As they are a bit older and having not known them until they were in grade 4 & 7, journals/scrapbooks won't be in our future, but you will no doubt hear/see alot about them. Thanks Warren & Cindi for enriching our grandparenthood :)

Grandma loves you!