Monday, 9 July 2012

Third Times the Charm....

Yes, three times....that's how many times our granddaughter Hailee has celebrated her 8th birthday this past week....hehehe!  How many little girls can say that?  During our trip to Toronto last week we had two birthday suppers, each with chocolate and ice cream desserts, complete with sparklers!!

Hailee and I colaborated over the last few weeks on just exactly what grandma was going to make for her party cake. I knew she wanted a Hawaiian themed cake, with a waterfall....oh, and it had to be a talllllll cake LOL!

So with those things in mind, I spent many a night falling asleep thinking of how I was going to make this cake happen.  Of course being who I am, I also like to throw something into my cakes that I haven't seen before, so when I decided on the plan for the talllllll waterfall cake, I just knew I had to incorporate water somehow....and the plan was formed to have a little pond with running water :)  And you know what? It worked....yipeeeee! Hailee and her friends just loved it.  I could have taken quite a few orders from the mom's who saw it also LOL!
And this is what grandma came up with!
Grandpa and I dropped it off when I was finished
decorating it, then went home to get ready for the party!
With the hot and humid weather we've had the last number of weeks, a pool party was decided on to have a few of her best friends over to celebrate....pool time, pizza, loot bags, ballons, fruit and veggie trays, an inflatable palm tree with a built in cooler as the planter all came together. Oh, and we can't forget cake.
It's difficult to see, but if you look closely
you can see the water coming out from behind
the seashell just above the fish :)
Grandma had also bought a chocolate fountain for the party, but everyone was sooooo stuffed, that we decided we would keep the chocolate and have our own party this coming Friday when all 3 kids will spend part of the weekend. Mom also said "you'll be at grandma's, so mom won't be there to say when you've had enough" LOL!  That cinched the deal!
We couldn't forget the Tiki Bar on the left.
Thank goodness for chocolate bars LOL!
The birthday girl with Memere & Pepere!

I keep being told to stop making such BIG cakes for the girls and Cade's birthdays, and I keep thinking that one of these years I will make just a normal size cake, but grandma finds it hard to do...hehehe! Maybe it's just me having the need to make something no one has seen before....maybe I want to make sure that the kids remember grandpa and I when we're no longer around, or I'm unable to make these cakes....whatever the reason, I am very happy to do it. I thrive on it! And everyone that attends gets to take some home. Never a shortfall of cake to eat at one of their parties LOL!

Can't forget mom & dad!!

All in all it was a wonderful day. The weather was perfect, the company was perfect, the food was perfect, and most of all the birthday girl was perfectly happy. We can't ask for more!

Grandma loves you