Monday, 3 December 2012

Happy Tears :)

You know how some days are just your regular days with normal routines, see the same people, shop the same shops?  Well, this past weekend was anything but regular.

Our youngest son, his wife and our two youngest grandkids came up for a visit. Their very first visit here. Long story...won't bore you with the details...but it's been a long time coming to this point.
They came here Friday evening for supper and we had a couple hours to enjoy the grandkids before they headed back to the hotel, then on Saturday we all went to grandpa's parents for another family supper. We were lucky enough that our oldest son, his wife, the girls and Cade were able to come for a couple hours well as one of grandpa's sisters, Aunt Carole, and her GD Dakota.
 Four generations!
Such a special time for great grandma and grandpa to see their great grandkids playing together and getting to know each other. Great grandpa has lung cancer....he's doing very well...but at 87 years of age, who knows if he will ever get the chance to see his great grandkids together again. So yes, it was a special time.

We had a great time and hope it can happen again...soon!

Not too many days before the big guy gets here. Hope everyone is as excited as this grandma and grandpa are LOL!

Grandma loves you