Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Chain 1...Slip stitch....

Anyone familiar to the world of yarn will know that this grandma is working on crochet projects. Actually I haven't done any crochet work for a very, very long time, and more than likely would not have picked it up again had it not for the need to be off my feet for a few weeks.

I decided to start with an outfit our our 6 year old granddaughter's doll. Hannah LOVES dolls/babies of any kind, size, shape or color LOL!  And by LOVE, I mean LOVE. She wants nothing else for Christmas, birthdays etc, and she takes such good care of them. Treating them like real babies :)

So we stopped in the other day and I measured her favorite doll and told her I would crochet something for her.  She had no idea what I was talking about, but told her she would see what I meant when she saw the finished project.  The only stipulation she had was that any pants I made for her dolly, had to have feet attached...hehehe!  She said the little socks/botties that come with dolls, always fall off and get lost, so grandma had her instructions....pants with feet LOL!
As promised below, I finally finished the "projects"
and am posting pictures.  Hannah's doll is all set
in her two piece, with hat outfit, and a matching
blanket.  Notice dolly's left hand...or at least her
left arm, minus hand...hehehe! Mylo chewed the
hand off when he was a puppy, so grandma
crocheted a "bandage" to cover the gapping hole!
Hope Hannah likes it!

I picked up a few balls of yarn earlier in the week, but didn't get too many in case the crocheting flared up my arthritis, but after shopping for more today to actually finish a couple projects that are just a bit short, I wish I had bought much more. They didn't have any of the colors I had bought the other day...nothing...nothing even close!

I quickly picked out yarn that would compliment what I've already started, plus a few large balls of other colors to keep me busy over the next few weeks.

A couple days ago the grandkids dropped in for a visit...Hannah all excited to see the outfit I was working on for her doll, and right behind her both Hailee and Cade trying to get my attention..."Grandma, can you make an outfit for my tiger...grandma, can you make an outfit for my little teddy?" LOL! They each tried to be the loudest so I would do theirs first...hehehe!
Can't forget Cade's tiny teddy bear.  I thought instead
of a blanket for him, I'd make a "sleeping" bag! The
bear and bag fit perfectly :)
Hailee chose bright red and white for her tiger....and we can't forget to make ears on the "hate" :)  Cade decided he should have red also for his little, and I mean little, teddy...and he wanted me to assure him that HIS would be done first LOL!

  It's kind of hard to see what this looks like, but
the tiger does have a slip on hat, complete with ears
as per Hailee's request...hehehe!  I added a little
fringed edge on the vest portion....and below you'll
see the "sling" I made for the tiger to rest inside.
This way Hailee can carry her tiger with her
everywhere she goes!
Today our DIL and Cade dropped in to pick up a queen bed that we're giving to big sister Hailee, as we're finally getting a new bedroom set....a grown up set as I refer to it LOL!  So Cade came in and spotted all the different yarns I picked up and he changed his mind as to the color red for his little teddy.  He decided on two different blues and a cream color :) 

So once all this crocheting is said and done, this grandma will take pics to show everyone...but don't expect to much. I'm working with no patterns here and just winging it LOL!

We'll see you on Friday night for a few hours.

Grandma loves you