Saturday, 15 September 2012

Made My Day....

The hours and hours of trying to keep busy the last few days by crocheting the outfits for Hailee, Hannah and Cade's favorite toys, was more than worth it this morning when Hannah and Cade came over for a visit :)  They absolutely loved what grandma made and it makes my heart sing.

Hannah said "wow grandma, these are really neat....can you make me another blanket, and a sling like Hailee has for her tiger?" LOL!  Cade piped in with absolutely needing a blanket for his little teddy so her could cover his face if he gets cold, and we couldn't forget mitts either!

When grandpa was driving them home he said Hannah kept saying "grandma is really good...she can make anything." So I think we'll just let her believe this for a little while.  Don't want to burst her bubble at such a young age LOL!

They got home just in time to meet Hailee after her dance class, grandpa said Hailee was sooooo happy with the little red outfit and sling for her Tiger.  He said her eyes got big and she was amazed, especially when he told her that if she wanted anything else, grandma would make it for her :) She was so interested in the outfit that she didn't even have time to talk about her dance class LOL!

So needless to say I've been crocheting up a storm since they blue blanket on the agenda, as well as matching mitts....and we can't forget a pink skirt for Hannah's doll LOL!  I haven't spoken to Hailee yet, but not doubt she'll have other plans for more crocheting too :)

Grandma loves you