Sunday, 21 October 2012

Another Yawn......

Thank goodness yawning keeps you awake LOL!  Grandpa and I had a great 24 hours with Hailee, Hannah, Cade and even daddy!  Yes, Mom had a girl's party yesterday afternoon, so the gang moved in for the day and a sleepover.

Unfortunately the big guy, who has been on antibiotics for Croop for a week, ended up getting sick with a high fever/vomiting.  He looked so pitiful :(  You know Cade is sick when he refuses to eat spaghetti, or popsicles.  We have no idea what's going on, especially since he's on AB's already.

The girls were a little upset thinking it would stop us from going out for supper, but daddy graciously said he'd stay home with a sleeping Cade on the couch, so grandpa and grandma could take the girls out to eat....but not without asking if we could get a couple pounds of wings for him!

Hailee kept going on and on saying she was hungry and when could we go to eat. Truth be told, all she was in a hurry to get to the restaurant for was the ice cream they serve with kid's meals for dessert....hehehe...and they even put both caramel and chocolate syrup on hers!  Yummy!!

Cade did have a bit of joy before getting sick though. Grandpa had ordered him a school desk and chair just like the ones they have in school.  We have one for each of the girls, and poor Cade was feeling left out by having to sit at a princess table and chair to "work" LOL!  He was so excited when he came in and kept telling daddy to come look, come look.

Grandma took Hailee to dance for a couple hours and while we were gone Grandpa took Hannah and Cade to the Dollar Store....Cade had to get some school supplies for his desk, and Hannah went just because she loves the Dollar Store...of course, not coming out empty handed LOL!

Mom decided to come over to sleep as well so daddy went to pick her up and Cade wanted to sleep with her in the bottom bunk.  I had picked up some Advil for him before we went out for supper, but his fever was still acting up during the night :(  Hannah wanted to sleep with daddy downstairs because she never gets too, and Hailee slept on the foam mats beside the bottom bunk.  Grandpa smiled at me and said "I think we got the better of this deal" LOL!
At 5:30 this morning I heard the pitter patter of little feet come into our bedroom and a cute little voice saying "hi Mama"! What a great way to be woken up :) He put his juice on the nightstand and I slowly lifted him up to the heights of our new bed easy chore. We don't call him Tank for nothing...hehehe! I swear, I'm going to need a ladder before long to get up on our new bed LOL!

After snuggling in for a couple minutes he sat up, looked around and asked where Buppa was. I told him he was downstairs exercising so he asked for his juice cup and slid off the bed, going to find Buppa, but not without grandma following close behind to make sure the lights on the back stairs were on. The last thing the poor guy needed was to fall on top of everything else :)
This morning he didn't want mom out of his sight, so daddy took Hailee to Mass with her papers that she needed to work on for her 1st communion that she will be making in the Spring...after we had green pancakes for breakfast that is...hehehe!

So it was a busy 24 hours, and grandma is still yawning...hehehe!  But I wouldn't trade it for the world :)

Grandma loves you