Monday, 8 October 2012

A Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend...

Wow, we had a super Thanksgiving weekend surrounded by two of our three sons and their wonderful families.  A lot of turkey, potatoes, gravy, veggies was had by all, two days in a row at different houses, a delicious brunch served up at our oldest son and DIL's place on Sunday morning, and we can't forget all those calories in the pumpkin pies with real whipped cream....hehehe...or the annual pumpkin cake that grandma made for all to enjoy :)

We started out the weekend on Friday afternoon when Hailee, Hannah, Cade and Hailee's best friend Olyvia came over after school to help make those very pumpkin pies we got stuffed on LOL!  They happily took their individual pies home to enjoy after supper :)  Warren, Cindi and the kids drove up on Saturday along with the german exchange student, Sara, who has been living with them for the last 3 1/2 weeks.
Hannah and Cade :)
Olyvia and Hailee :)

We had our TG supper on Saturday afternoon...turkey, ribs, lasagna, coleslaw, potatoes, gravy...lots of gravy LOL, veggies, cake, pies and of course blue jello for Hannah who doesn't like cake :) To say we left the table anything but stuffed would be a lie.

Sunday morning we headed over to Ryan and Angele's house for a delicious brunch that she and her mom put out for us....yummy. Surprisingly, even though I was full and didn't think I could eat another bite, I did do justice to the great buffet spread...hehehe!

Completely exhausted we came home for a couple hours before heading out to great grandma and grandpa's house to visit with family from out of town. Once again, a big turkey supper was served....not sure who was more stuffed, the turkey or grandma LOL!

Meatbird Lake!
I must admit, this grandma didn't think it could get any better, but it did....oh yes it did! Grandpa and I went out to my old stomping grounds...a little mining town that no longer exists. We like to walk around the old roads at least once a year, talk about how we met, how could all the houses actually fit along those grown over streets etc. Then we went a few miles down the highway to Meatbird Lake...local swimming hole....and where he and I got engaged 41 years ago while he was still in University.

Unfortunately, while laying patio stones in the backyard one weekend a number of years after we were married, I wore down a claw on that beautiful ring, lost the diamond, and didn't realize it until we came in the house late Sunday night. I wanted to dig up the patio stones, I was so upset :( I quietly placed the ring in it's silver ring case and then into an old jewel box....which ended up in the garage for decades.
Grandpa was cleaning out the garage this Fall and came upon that old jewel box, with the silver ring case and found the poor diamondless ring.

How did this TG get any better today? He proposed to me once again at Meatbird Lake, and put my same diamond ring on my hand...claw fixed and a new diamond in the setting! Can we say tears flowed?? LOL! In an instant it brought back the previous 41 years and I once again felt like that 18 year old girl who placed that wonderful ring on her hand for the first time! Gotta love that grandpa of yours :))

My very special, beautiful engagement ring that
means the world to me!  If anyone were to offer me
a ring that cost 100 times as much, it couldn't mean
more than the ring bought with so much love all
those many years ago :)
Hailee, Hannah and Cade, as well as some friends, went to a Pumpkin Patch today about an hour away.  They called on their way home while Grandpa and I were out doing out reminiscing. They said they were coming over for supper and ordering pizza. So within minutes of getting home we heard little knocks at the door.  All excited for my surprise that I told mom about on the phone when they called....hehehe!  After all the hullabaloo settled down, this little voice piped up saying "can I see your ring mama?"  Cade sure is a thoughtful little guy and will definitely get his hearbroken at some point of his life. But hopefully his thoughtful ways won't leave him...for very long LOL!
Like I said, a Thanksgiving to remember!
Grandma loves you and only wishes all my grandchildren they can find as much love and happiness in their future lives as grandpa and I have :) xoxoxoxo