Monday, 27 August 2012

Yeah....they're home!!!

Well it was a nice weekend...a quiet extraordinarily long weekend...the gang was gone for four long days, and although it was nice to relax and catch up with a few things, it really was "different". Who'd think that 4 days could be so long...without the phone ringing and a tiny voice on the other end saying "grandma.......can we....."...LOL!

But, all is well. We were Skyped when they got home tonight just to say hi, and to thank us for the clothes they bought at Vaughan Mills on the way home from the Falls this afternoon.  Grandpa and I are going over tomorrow for a visit and to see the stash :)  We can't wait!

Until tomorrow!

Grandma loves you

Monday, 13 August 2012

And he's off......

To new adventures, new friends, not knowing that this day will change his life forever.  As I type this I have many tears coming from my eyes.  Our little grandson is spreading his he ready for the cold, cruel world that awaits him?

Yes, I do realize that we all have experienced this BIG day in our lives, and yes, we all survived, but for some reason I have more of a grandmother's need to protect this little one....protect his innocence, protect his kind nature from the reality that we all know, kids are cruel.  Will he be hurt emotionally....of course; will he be laughed at at some point...of course.  It's the circle of life coming around.

This grandma isn't ready for it though.

Grandma loves you.

Sunday, 12 August 2012 hard...atta girl!

I'm assuming from the subject line you can guess we were at soccer playoffs this weekend LOL!  Yes, in the rain, cold north wind and just plain miserable weather.  All was fine though!  Hailee's team didn't do as well as they had hoped for, but just look at the trophy they all got for doing their best!!

Even little brother Cade received a trophy for the "one" game he went too....hehehe....if you remember, he did not like all.  But he was soooo proud of the trophy and said he was putting it on his dresser :)

Mmmmmm....yummy pizza to end the year!

And just have a look at this!  When we arrived home from the last game, grandpa took all 3 kids into the garage to look for daddy's very first soccer trophy!  Imagine that....we kept the trophies from all those decades ago LOL!

What goes around, comes around :)

It was also a busier weekend than grandpa and I had planned.  Hailee was going to spend the night with us alone....then it developed into an "I want to go too, I want to go too". So yes, we had all 3 kids overnight. They were soooo tired from the wind, rain and running around that when we got home from Hailee's last game, it was bath and pj time!  It didn't take long for them each to fall asleep....well, except for Hailee....hehehe....she and I watched Hoarding, Buried Alive and even at the young age of 8, she couldn't believe that people lived like that.

There were tons of questions as to why, where do they sleep, where do they eat, where's the kitchen, where's the bathroom, why does she have to get dressed out in the get the picture LOL!  I didn't think it would be so difficult to explain to an 8 year old how people like this are "sick" and need help. That it's like an addiction and they can't help it.  I did my best, but she went to bed, I'm sure, realizing that what mom is trying to teach them about keeping their rooms clean etc, is a pretty good idea LOL!

It was orange pancakes this morning...yeah!!  Mom and dad made it to the championship round in their golf tournament yesterday, so were playing at 11:11 again today.  They came to pick up the kids a little after 9:00, but after she and daddy ate some breakfast, the kids didn't want to leave...hehehe!

Mom said that they'd better ask grandma, and the response was "it's okay, she'll say yes" LOL!  So yes, they stayed until almost 11:30 then grandpa took them home, but not without a stop at the Dollar Store first for more rubbery creatures like worms, dinosaurs and spiders LOL!

All is quiet for now, but until the next visit.....

Grandma loves you.....

Thursday, 9 August 2012

What are those Red things Grandma?

That's the question that was placed to me tonight as I was walking along a trail with Hannah and Cade, while waiting for big sister Hailee to start her soccer game.  As it turned out those red things were wild raspberries :)  Those, along with all the "flowers" it as weeds LOL...that lined the mulched trails around the soccer complex, completely took us away from Hailee's game for the first half...hehehehe!

We did make our way back to the empty lawn chairs that were waiting beside the soccer field...and beside grandpa, mom and dad with a huge boquet of lovely "flowers" for mom, and tales of yummy red, albeit, tiny wild raspberries :)

Ahhhhh memories :)

Grandma loves you

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


We had another nice surprise this afternoon!  Hailee called here this morning and talked to grandpa...I was out shopping.  She said she wanted to come over for a visit :)  We hadn't seen them except for a Skype call, over the weekend. They were busy, busy, busy enjoying the long weekend, and it was beautiful weather to enjoy :)

When I got home from town grandpa told me the plans, so we patiently waited for them to arrive.  Mom was heading back home after dropping them off as they had Matante Melissa coming over this afternoon.

As usual, as soon as they came in the door it was time to eat....hehehe!  Hannah saw the noodles in the fridge, so she had that with some cheese on it....Cade grabbed whatever he could get his hands on and Hailee couldn't make up her mind LOL!  Mom was shaking her head as they had just finished lunch. But you know, there's something about coming into grandma and grandpa's house that turns on that hungry switch....hehehe!

It truly is amazing what we can get done in just a couple hours, and the 3 of them had a great time dressing grandpa and I in some of my old clothes :)  And who knew that Tiddly Winks would be such a great hit with this young generation!  Grandpa spent a lot of time cleaning out the garage on the weekend and we found some old games from when our boys were young. 
Yup...Tiddly Winks is a definite keeper :)

 Oh my, grandpa never looked so good LOL!
Oh the things we do for our grandkids LOL!
Yes indeed....Must Love Grandkids :)

They're also growing!  I mentioned just once that they had to clean the bedroom before they left and you wouldn't believe what a great job they did! They even moved things around and swept the floor!  Then as they waited for Grandpa to get off from a phone call, they took the swiffers and dusted for grandma!  Wow...great helpers guys, great helpers :)

Grandpa just left to take them home. We'll see them tonight at Hailee's soccer game. So until then.....

Grandma loves you