Monday, 31 October 2011


Yes, that night has finally arrived and all the neighborhood ghosts, goblins, monsters and vampires were out in abundance.  It had rained for a couple days before and today was no exception.  Hubby and I managed to get a few decorations up in the driveway yesterday, and we finished today inbetween rain showers.
Keeping the faith and our fingers crossed, it did stop raining around 5:00...yeah!  Although everything was soaked, it still meant the kids wouldn't get soaked while going house to new fog machine was able to get a good workout!!  Money well spent!

The last check on lights, placement of "scary" props, scary music ready to go and making sure the fog machine was full, and we were set.  Sadly, Trick or Treating in our neighborhood isn't what it used to be.  Gone are the days of over 100 kids knocking on our door. For some reason I still find the need to buy for over 80....just in case :)  I'd hate to run out on any given year because I didn't buy enough! So this year I didn't buy any chocolate....I can't resist, and I don't need now hubby can nibble at the big bags of Doritos that are left LOL!
Of course Halloween night wouldn't be Halloween night without a visit from the grandkids!  They looked so great in their costumes, and Hailee's best friend Olyvia came along for the ride. The kids have dinner with Olyvia and her family each Halloween night, and then they all go out for treats.  After visiting here they go back their for hot chocolate. A nice way to end a nice evening.
The girls, their friend Olyvia and our fireman Cade!
Cade was so darn cute in his Fireman costume...hehehe!  He even wanted to share his stash with grandpa and I.  He came up to each of us with a bag of goodies that he had collected and was so proud to be able to share :)) What a sweetie. And no, we didn't keep the bags LOL!

The girls were so excited and came running up the driveway looking at the creatures, lights and fog! Hailee was yelling "it's just like a haunted house grandma"!  What more could I ask for? 

There were a few kids during the evening who were even too scared to come up the driveway and I had to bring the goodies to them...hehehe. A few were saying they love coming here each year to see what I have up. Yes, even in my senior years I still have it when it comes to Halloween decorating :)

Our DIL asked the girls if they wanted a Halloween party next year....and that grandma could decorate.  The response was a loud and unanimous "Yeah"!!

So until next Halloween....

Grandma loves you