Tuesday, 6 September 2011

School Days, School Days.....

Good old golden rules days.....Okay, okay, so I'm dating myself with that little jingle LOL, but all these decades later it is still appropriate. Although I'm not sure if they still have any Golden Rules now a days.

A cold, overcast Fall morning with frost in the air and two beautiful granddaughters dressed in their special "first day" outfits, filled with excitement for what this day, and year, will bring...old friends, new friends, new teachers, new classroom, new things to learn...it all adds up to growing up way too quickly :)

When our second GD, Hannah, was contemplating about not going to school a couple weeks ago I asked her that if she didn't go to school how would she learn all the things she needs to learn in life.  She looked at me with her innocent beautiful brown eyes and said "from you grandma". Plain and simple....she could learn everything she needs to know in life from me...grandma!  Everything is so simple in a child's eyes.
Okay folks....as you can see in the first picture, the
girls look cold...that's because it was cold. Back into
the house for warmer jackets!
I have to admit that when our three sons were young and in school I hated, yes hated, Labor Day weekend. I loved having our kids at home all summer and the thought of having to send them back to school in September made me very sad. Maybe it's the control freak in me....hehehe...but Labor Day weekends for me were full of hidden tears, no sleep, anxiety, restlessness...you name a negative response and I felt it all on those weekends. It's not quite as bad with the grandkids thank goodnes :)

Of course once a few days passed and we got back into the routine of lunches, homework, sports, earlier bedtimes, earlier wake times Labor Day weekend became a faint memory until the following year when it started all over again LOL!

Added to the anxiety of this weekend for me was a phone call last night saying our Grandson was in the ER waiting to see a doctor about some problems he's had the last few days....swollen knee, spiking fever, paleness and falling because his right leg would give out. I bet any parent or grandparent reading this is letting their mind race to exactly where mine has been racing too all night.  Sigh.....

After many hours and many tests the verdict is he has to see the Pediatrician this afternoon as a couple abnormalities showed up in his blood work showing inflammation. I'm trying to be positive and hopefully it's something as simple as an infection that can be taken care of with medication. If it's something more serious we will deal with it as families do...with lots of love and support.

Our DIL dropped him off this morning while she ran some errands and he came running up to me at the back door, the biggest smile on his face, and all I did was worry that his leg may give out and he could fall in the driveway :(  Stop it brain, stop it!
Our little guy doing one of his most
favorite things....
Another favorite thing to do....
fill up grandpa's jar with tea bags!
He's gone to the dump with grandpa at the moment to unload a bunch of junk we cleared from the garage over the weekend....second trip LOL!  Hopefully in the next decade we will get our two car garage cleared of all the junk that hubby was asking himself all weekend..."why on earth did I save this for all these years?" LOL!

Time to bake the pizza-pan oatmeal cookie that has become a tradition for the GD's first day of school. Cade wants to help so he can add the flour/oatmeal and then sprinkle the mini chocolate chips around the edge of the "cookie". The little bum said that grandpa and I couldn't have any when we bring it over...hehehe!

Or should we say "
chocolate chips" LOL!
It all tastes better with a little help from little hands
When can we have a piece?

Hey, we can't forget little brother....after all
he did help make it!
Oh, by the way...Cade did change his mind
about grandma and grandpa having a piece of cookie LOL!
We have two things to look forward to this afternoon....seeing the girls after school to hear all about their first day, and anxiously waiting to hear what the Ped says about Cade. Wish us luck!

Update:  Just got off the phone with our DIL. Cade is going for a bone scan tomorrow morning. The Ped feels it may be a bone infection as the fever he had last week had no other symptoms, and he is limping a bit. She said his femur above his right knee is very tender. So, keeping our fingers crossed that all turns out well :)

Grandma loves you