Sunday, 28 October 2012

Where has the time gone?

Grandma is running a little late with her posts lately.  This week was a big day for our grandson Cade....some may say it's the major step, going from a "baby" to a little boy. This grandma has to agree I'm afraid LOL!

Not only did he start school this September, but he turned FOUR this week! Yup...4 years old. No more baby close by....he's a big boy now....and was he excited LOL!

When grandpa and I drove up to their street we saw the kids at the playground two doors up from their house. Daddy was with them and they all came runnin up to the car. Cade got so excited that he started running home to beat us...hehehe....and as we pulled into the driveway we could hear him at the front door of the house yelling "mama and buppa are here" LOL!

He was chatty, happy and running around on pure adrenaline I think....hehehe!  He wanted to take it all in, and was SO good when it came to not touching his corner of presents until it was time to sit and actually open them :)
The Birthday Boy!
Grandma had worked on his cake, trying to incorporate everything he wanted...Spiderman, Mater, Lightning McQueen. This cake had to incorporate it all...and I think I succeeded :)  I even tried making spider webs from royal icing....and it worked. Although Cade felt kind of bad when he tried showing me the exact spot on the chocolate house roof that was going to be his...hehehe...and one of the webs shattered. It didn't matter at that had been taken, and he was able to munch on the pieces of web, so everything was okay with the world :)
Mom had made a delicious spaghetti/ceaser salad dinner for everyone and we all dug in. Then....drum roll was time for the cake. And not surprisingly, the kids all wanted the chocolate house and tree!  Hmmm...I think I have to rethink all these big cakes I've been making if the important people only want chocolate LOL!

And our little Hannah isn't the only 6 year old who doesn't like cake....two other kids at the party do not like cake! Imagine that! Hannah has already put in her order for her next birthday....a big chocolate house and a tree cake!

All in all it was a very fun evening. Sad in one respect that our "baby" was no longer that, but happy to see what the next stage of his little life will hold.

Grandma loves you