Thursday, 19 January 2012

Snow Day.....

There hasn't really been much to write about since the is back in, winter has settled in with a vengence, decorations have been put away....back to some sort of winter routine that allows the occasional outdoor walk.

All routine, except for today. There was a snow day so no school buses were running. We got hid hard...did I mention that the older I get, the more I "hate" winter? Well I do...ugh :(

The highlight of the day however was having Hannah and Cade over until early this afternoon.  Our son bought our wonderful DIL an air ticket to visit her half-sister out on the west coast, and wouldn't you know it, today was the day they had to drive to Toronto for her to catch her flight.  It took them HOURS and hours, going at a snails pace. Thank goodness they arrived safe and sound.  Once our DIL is up in the air, our son is checking into a hotel as he has a business meeting tomorrow. Hopefully he will be back tomorrow before it gets dark.
  Help me push him Grandpa. He's heavy LOL!
Anyway, back to the grandkids....hehehe!  Our oldest, Hailee, chose to have mom and dad drop her off at school. She loves snow days as there aren't many kids who get to school, and the few that do end up doing crafts and having fun. Something they don't get too much of now that they're in grade two :)
The exact opposite from Cade. He wanted to do
it all by himself LOL!
Hannah on the other hand was more than happy to not go to school with her older sister, and decided to stay with their little brother Cade, with grandma and grandpa.
From my kitchen window :)
We had lots of fun and finally had to give in and take them outside in the blizzard conditions. At least it was fairly "warm" :)  All Hannah could talk about for weeks now was having grandpa give her a ride in the big snow shovel. It's become a regular activity and treat for the kids each winter. It's a good thing that grandpa is in shape LOL!!
Oh my...will you look at those pancake balls!!
Grandma bought herself a Babycakes Baker before
Christmas, and has been experimenting with various
recipes.  The pancake recipe turned out really well....
served with melted Nutella and delicious thick
homemade maple syrup!
The time went all too quickly, and grandpa was driving them back home after lunch where Memere would be waiting for them. 

So until Saturday morning when grandma will bring the girls to swimming lessons, I'll say see you later!

Grandma loves you