Thursday, 6 September 2012

He Did It....

Yes he did!  Cade went off on the school bus this morning with big sisters Hailee and Hannah to start the next chapter in his young life, Junior Kindergarten :)

Was he happy you may ask....well, he appeared happy with the pictures taken at the bus stop, standing with his sisters, walking up the stairs on the bus...then...then...that picture in the school bus window may be blurred, but you can definitely see that big smile he started out with is no longer there, but a kind of scared, forced little smile is on his face instead. I'm sure he was thinking "but mom, you're not coming with me?"
Will he remember these feelings in 20 years...likely not....but will grandma remember the look on that little fact peering out the bus window, you bet LOL!

Ahhhhh ....just called home (after supper) to check on our little monkey, and mom said he did VERY well. The teacher said he was smiling all day and didn't cry once....yipeeeee! This makes grandma and grandpa very happy, and relieved...hehehe!

Now I can sleep tonight :)

Grandma loves you