Friday, 27 July 2012

Grandma....grandma....come see...

These were the yelling words I heard a couple days ago when Hailee came running into the house.  I just HAD to go see the baby mouse in my Fairy Garden...hehehe!

Grandma, have to come quick, come see the baby mouse, come on grandma before it runs away!

Hailee was showing her friend "J" my fairy garden in the backyard, when Cade lifted an old decorative birdhouse from the top of a stump.  Well, wouldn't you know it, a mom mouse and a baby mouse jumped out!  The kids said the mommy mouse ran up the tree, but the baby mouse landed at the base of the stump and wasn't moving...but that the mommy mouse was still watching them :)

I have to admit, it was really, really cute....hehehe! So I picked it up in my hand and let the kids have a good look. Then I told Cade to hold the birdhouse up and I put the baby mouse back into the nest that had been made inside the rotting stump.

Never a dull moment when the grandkids, and their friends, are around LOL!

They wanted to stay when it was time to leave, so grandpa said he would drive J home on the way to drop off Hailee and Cade home.  It was only for a hour, but it was a busy hour playing hide & seek. How many places are there to hide in our house, just ask 3 young kids....hehehe!

Grandma love you...and your friends :)