Sunday, 11 March 2012

That Was Fast.....

How quickly can 24 hours pass by? Just ask grandparents who have been having fun with their grandkids, and they'll tell you that it goes waaaaaaay too fast :)

More fun in the cabin....and we can't forget
those flashlights!
Cade & Grandpa hiding in the bottom bunk LOL!
It was a pretty good night last night. Hannah and Cade got settled in their cabin, and left the bottom bunk open for grandpa to crawl into when he was ready for bed. And by crawl, I mean crawl....hehehe! He was afraid he was going to kneel on one of them LOL!

Hailee was feeling much better this morning.
She even put a window in her Fort!
   Grandpa said at one point Hailee was over in the deeper snow, trying to cut a block out of it. She kept calling to Grandpa to come over to help her.  He told her that he couldn't because he was much heavier than her and he would just sink down in the snow, breaking it all in pieces.
Hehehe....she rolled her eyes and in a hissy-fit way said "ohhhhh that's just what daddy says.
He's just like you grandpa!" LOL!
Should have known that wouldn't do the trick.  The odor was still just as strong this morning....sigh.  I have a feeling it will need professional steaming to get it smelling good :(   I just moved a little table in front of the recliner so no one would sit in it, and proceeded with making pancakes....GREEN for St. Patrick's Day that's coming up next week :)

Thankfully Hailee was feeling much better this morning...tired, but no stomach problems. They all wanted to go outside to finish off their snow fort. Just as we were getting dressed for outside, mom & dad came in.  We all had to go out to see their forts, then mom and I came back inside as Grandpa, Daddy and the 3 kids continued building their fort walls :)

It's a beautiful sunny day today and the snow is melting away....not quick enough for me, but at least it's melting.
All too soon it was time for the gang to head home. They were going to a friends for supper tonight and had things to get ready. 

That hour we lost over night due to Daylight Savings Time, really made the morning zip by today!  Even though they didn't leave until 12:30, it still seemed "early" LOL!

All in all it was another great sleepover. Hopefully next time Hailee will be able to enjoy it more :)

Grandma Loves You......