Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer....

....are long gone for another year :(  Yes, the intense sun, heat and at times unbearable humidity are gone until next summer.  However we can't really complain because we've had a wonderful Indian Summer for the last couple of weeks, and we're quietly hoping our Autumn weather holds out for a couple more months.

The girls, Cade and mom were here for a sleepover on Friday night.  Daddy was out of town on business and mom doesn't like to stay alone :)  We decided to go out for supper, and each adult even got to share a dessert with one of the kids...hehehe....yummy! Hannah is the adventurous one with food so she just had to try my French onion soup and she loved it!  I think next time she may get her own bowl :)  Mom left for Volley Ball when we left the restaurant and we all came home to play, have baths and get ready for bed.

While we were playing in the bedroom our little Miss Hannah looked at me and said "grandma...the world will never run out of people, right?"  She surprised me with this little tidbit, and I said she was right....but wanted to know how she came to this conclusion.  She said "because babies are being born all the time." Yup....for a six year old she knows exactly how the world works LOL!

Family, ancestors and anything that goes along with that are something that has been important to big sister Hailee for a couple years now. As she and grandpa were laying in bed before she fell asleep she asked him about God :)  Grandpa told her that God was always 'there'.  She wanted to know who the first people on earth were, so grandpa explained that God made Adam and Eve. Hailee perked right up and said "well that means that everyone in the world is related then!  Another smart little girl....hehehe! As he tried to explain it further she said "really....grandpa, I'm only 8 years old...this is just too much for me to understand." LOL!  What a great way to fall asleep with such grown up questions on your mind :)

Yesterday afternoon the girls and Cade came over  for a couple hours. Grandpa and I were working outside to take advantage of these last few nice days for yardwork before the white stuff flies, and the kids helped us do what needed doing. They loved asking grandpa for stuff to throw into the back of the truck, knowing he was going to the dump today...hehehe!  The girls gave up quickly after checking out my recycle box for things they could get creative with, and an egg carton was just the thing to get them into mud pies.  Cade however just couldn't stop helping grandpa. He's such a great little helper :)
Ahhhhh.....best buds!
Mom even packed them each a lunch so they decided we'd have one more picnic to say goodbye to summer and welcome Fall.
Grandpa had put all the outdoor furniture away already, so he went to the garage and brought out the carpet that is usually in our gazebo and laid it on the deck.  As the kids dug into their spread, grandma went in the house and quickly made something for grandpa and I to eat. I mean if we're going to have a picnic we do need something to munch on LOL!

Luckily I didn't forget to bring juice boxes for the kids because as they saw me coming all I could hear was "grandma, we're thirsty"....hehehe! I think they were so keen to eat quickly because mom had brought some Girl Guide cookies for dessert LOL! They could hardly wait to get into the box and weren't too thrilled about eating their cucumbers and fruit first :) But they did.

As they got back to their mud pies Hailee uncovered an earth worm, so the hunt was on...."grandma, can you help us find more worms...we want to put them in this bowl?"  So off we went, hunting the back yard for more earth worms....needing my "strength" to turn over logs, big rocks, planters, anything that may be hiding the coveted earthworms LOL!

After finding a few I figured it was time the kids actually touched a worm without being squeamish....grandma thought they were going to faint, but after much talking, hand holding and one ear piercing scream from Hailee, the girls each held a worm and realized that all they did was tickle....no, they don't bite girls LOL! Cade....No, I don't want to hold a worm Mama...hehehe!
Hehehe....Hailee's face says it all!
Hannah made sure she found a 'baby'
worm to hold. No big juicy ones for her LOL!
Ahhhhh...what a great way to spend a beautiful Fall afternoon. Not only enjoying the weather but also the memories that will take us through the frigid, snowy months that are coming :)

Grandma loves you