Sunday, 27 January 2013

It's a Bronze!!

Yes indeed! Our oldest granddaughter Hailee was in her very first Floor Hockey tourament today and her team won the bronze, out of 20 teams!  She even got her very first goal! We were so excited for her and the rest of the girls. She almost looked like she was in shock when the goal went in the net....hehehe!

And here she is, sporting her Bronze Medal
Job well done Hailee! Can hardly wait until
next year's tournament :)
After sitting in a gym all day long on a folding metal chair, grandma was very happy that she had brought a fluffy blanket with her to sit on....hehehe!  It also brought back many, many memories of the times grandpa and grandma spent in arenas, gyms, ball fields and soccer fields following daddy and his brothers to every sport imaginable. They sure got involved in everything they could, and that meant that grandpa and I ended up driving along to watch and cheer on....and cheer I did, ringing my big old cow bell to get them going....hehehe! Like I said, great memories.
The happy team after their exciting win!
It was a close one, with Hailee's team
scoring the winning goal with only 15 seconds left
in the game....yeah girls!!

It was so nice to see Hailee win her first medal. She has really come out of her shell this past year and is getting involved in a lot of things.  She even got to read to the Day Care kids at her school last week. She's blooming into quite the little social butterfly and it's wonderful to see. We love it :)

Grandma is tired after our long day, but I wouldn't have given it up for the world.  Until your next event Hailee.

Grandma loves you