Monday, 1 April 2013

Three Busy Days....

Another whirlwind weekend just flew by and we're sitting here wondering how did we squeeze it all into 3 days LOL!

It all started last Wednesday night (27th) when I took the cakes I baked for Hailee, Hannah and Cade out of the freezer to start decorating. Our DIL and I were going to bring them to school on Thursday morning for the kid's classes to enjoy. I guess I don't have to explain that the cakes were decorated for Easter seeing as this was Easter weekend....but I'll mention it anyway LOL...the theme was Easter!

See....Easter theme LOL!

Cade's first year of school has been a tough one for him and for the first few months he would cry whenever he saw mom, dad, grandparents etc at school.  We weren't quite sure how he would react when we walked in with the cake for his class, but he did very well.  His little mouth was in a kind of forced "smile" and his eyes looked like they were going to over flow at any minute, but he held strong and not a tear was shed :) What a big boy!!

Once the cakes were delivered my DIL and I headed to shop...on Holy of the busiest days of the year for shopping, and there we were doing our best to battle the crowds. Must admit, we did a great job LOL!

Good Friday our DIL's dad was making a fish fry so they invited us over. Our son/DIL had another couple coming over also with their daughter who is Hailee's friend, so it was a fun crowd. I know how much our DIL's dad loves home made rice pudding so I made a double batch and brought it over. I couldn't find my regular recipe and tried a new one, which I wasn't really happy with, but everyone seemed to love it and there wasn't much left for the poor man LOL! After a rousing game of road hockey...oh the was time to eat, and eat we did. Wow, it was sooooo delicious, and I even got the leftover fish to take home! I eat it like candy, it's that good :)

On Saturday there was a bridal shower for our niece who is getting married at the end of May. The turn out was great and she received beautiful presents....the kind of presents that cost more than wedding presents did way back in my day LOL!
Grandpa and grandma :)

Yesterday, Easter Sunday, I woke up early and started cooking...ham, turkey, scalloped potatoes, veggies....I wanted to get as much done ahead of time as I could.

Unfortunately, poor little Cade was not to have a good Easter day :(  He ended up being SO sick that he needed two baths here and mom had to go home to pick up more clothes for him. Poor little guy couldn't even eat. Between all of us we took turns trying to make him feel better and grandpa had a little snooze with him.
Hannh wasn't too happy that big sister Hailee
was "squeezing" her right shoulder LOL!
He had said earlier in the day that he wanted to have a sleepover last night, but as it turned out only the girls were able to stay.  Another day Cade, another day.  This morning he was quite hot and refusing to drink anything so our son stopped to pick up pedialyte for him before picking up the girls, in the hope that Cade may take a few sips before he gets dehydrated. I just spoke with mom and she said he's sleeping and still hot. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for him.
Our widowed neighbor came over for dinner yesterday....we try to invite him over for most holidays as he's alone...and I sent him home with tons of leftovers. He shouldn't have to cook for a few days LOL!
Today was supposed to be a day of rest, however I got the itch to start cleaning the kid's room here. They have toys coming out of their ears and it was geting out of hand.  We have three huge dressers to keep their toys in and 3 big drawers in each dresser, so grandma went through it all...organized each drawer so like is with like, and tossed a big trash bag full of 'stuff' LOL! They should have more room to move around in there now.  Tomorrow I'll tackle the bunk beds and store heavy blankets etc away until they are needed.
So to say our long Easter weekend was busy, is an understatement! But would grandpa and I have it any other way? Most definitely not!
Until next time!
Grandma loves you

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