Thursday, 28 March 2013

Christmas in March LOL.....

As stated in my earlier post, things are not going well for our youngest son Marty and his wife. As the pretence of their relationship has finally come to an end, we were able to visit him and have Christmas in March with our two youngest grandkids. And what fun we had!

Keelan could hardly wait to see the presents carried into the house and immediately wanted to know which ones were his, and if he could help baby sister Aislin open hers....hehehe!

As it was close to Easter, grandma also made a cake for daddy and the kids....and it didn't take daddy long to get into it LOL! Keelan and I had a great time playing and chasing....I should clarify that, grandma was doing the chasing....hehehe! I guess I don't have to tell everyone how well I slept that night LOL!
Grandpa had a conference in Toronto the next morning, so we weren't able to stay with them that night, but we told them we'd be back in a couple weeks and spend a couple nights.  We asked Keelan what his favorite restaurant was and that's where we went for supper....and we couldn't forget going to the Mall to pick up a couple more games for the Leap Pad II that we bought him for Christmas. Isn't it amazing how quickly children these days pick up technology! It's like they're born with the knowledge LOL!
Daddy, Keelan and grandma went shopping for a crock pot for daddy so he could prepare good meals without taking up hours in the kitchen, so grandpa and Aislin went mall walking....and the only stores she wanted to go into were the jewellry stores LOL! At 14 months of age, she sure knows which stores she wants to hang out in...hehehe!

All too soon it was time for grandpa and grandma to leave for the hour drive back to Toronto.  Seeing as we were there for 3 days, we had hoped that daddy and the kids would come to the condo hotel grandpa and I were staying in to enjoy the pool on Friday afternoon...and they did! Poor grandpa didn't make it back in time from his meetings to swim or visit with everyone, but grandma did and I enjoyed it completely :) There was no one else in the pool so it was like having our own private pool and hot tub! What fun!!
When we got back to our room and took the kid's swim suits off them, both kids went running across the living room to the ceiling to floor windows to check out the machines....bare naked LOL!  Aislin was doing just fine, the sat on the floor and a couple minutes later she started to cry.  I went over just as she was getting up and walking towards me when I noticed shiny, wet little footprints following her....hehehe! She had peed while she was sitting on the floor, with her cute little bare bottom LOL! I have a feeling that will be remembered and recalled to her in a few years :)
Keelan enjoyed looking out our 28th floor window at the building across the street that was getting taken down. He LOVES construction machines and the big crane they had set up to remove large pieces of concrete was a big hit with him :)  Such a big hit in fact that while we were at the Food Court having lunch, he said he didn't want to go home but wanted to go up to our room again....hehehe! We're sure there will be many more visits and lots of time to spend together from now on Keelan, so don't worry!
Until our next visit.....
Grandma loves you

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