Saturday, 19 November 2011

The Season Officially Begins......

A few days ago our little guy Cade, came over for a couple hours and was so excited to see grandma had started to decorate for Christmas!  He went slowly from one thing to another, a huge smile on his face, and wanting to play anything and everything that was musical.  Ahhhhh...such joy in a child's young face :)

He soon figured out which were his favorites and could hardly wait for grandpa to come home so he could show grandpa all the Christmas if grandpa had never seen them before :) It was so cute.

We found out yesterday that the Santa Claus Parade was on today, so our DIL asked if we wanted to go with them.  The forecast originally called for rain, but even though the overcast skies threatened all day long, we were only sprinkled on for about 5 minutes before the parade began.
Hmmm...wonder who is more excited, grandma &
grandpa or the grandkids? LOL!
It was a chilly, but dry evening and the crowds were thick!  We arrived an hour early to find the perfect spot, in front row seats (lawn chairs LOL), and settled in with warm blankets, hot chocolate and lots of anticipation.

I must say, this year's parade was a tad long and about 3/4 of the way through, the kids were all asking when Santa was going to appear.  Even the free candies that were handed out throughout the parade, didn't make it any easier for the kids to sit still.
Finally, the big guy appeared and all the wee ones eagerly cheered and called to Santa to look their way.  All in all, a very nice evening. It's always great to spend time with the grandkids, but a special occassion like this, to see the wonder in their eyes as all the twinkle lights reflected in them, is as special as it can get.  Hopefully we're around for many, many more Santa Claus parades :)

Thank you guys for letting us share this wonderful time!

Grandma loves you

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