Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Let the Fun Begin.....

It's been a busy few weeks, and it's all been leading up to today!  Our oldest son, DIL and 3 grandkids sold their house a couple weeks ago, and are moving into another larger home next week.  However, after having cable, phone etc cancelled as of today, the end of the month, and having things mostly packed up for the move, they are moving in with grandma and grandpa for the week! As I said, let the fun begin...hehehe!

Cade, was here bright and early this morning as mom and dad went to run errands and see the lawyer. There's not much I can say except he's wired LOL!  Wow, to have even half that energy again!  Tomorrow mom will be starting the cleaning of the kitchen and bathrooms at the new place, and the painters are starting various rooms. Smart to have it all done before moving we'll be busy with the kids while they clean and start moving little things in. The movers will take the furniture appliances next Thursday. All that should need doing that day is to set up the beds.

We have enough things to keep them busy on the weekend like decorating gingerbread houses and trains, hopefully going to see Santa as well as the usual painting, crafts etc.

Not sure how sleeping arrangements will work out tonight as when the kids are here by themselves we have set places for everyone...hehehe....with mom and dad, it may be different!  At least the girls will be in school, so it shouldn't be that tiring.  Hannah apparently has been talking about this for days and can hardly wait to "move in" with us :)

So as I said, the last few weeks have been busy. All Christmas presents are bought, wrapped and somewhat hidden LOL!  All the baking is done for ourselves as well as our 3 sons/families.  Can't let the holidays go by without some of their favorites :)

Beds are changed and ready for little feet to climb in tonight.  Grandpa and grandma are sleeping downstairs, although Cade wasn't too sure about that one when we told him today...hehehe! He usually sleeps with Grandpa on the bottom we'll see what happens :)

This is going to be tiring, but lots of fun!  Can hardly wait for the hurricanes to get home from school LOL! 

Can`t say that I`m not a tiny bit sad for them though. This will be the last time the school bus drops them off at this home where they were born and raised to this point.  Last night was the last night they got to sleep in this home. Maybe grandma is just too sentimental :)  It will be onward and upward to bigger and better things!

Grandma loves you

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