Saturday, 14 July 2012

What can be done in 24 hours?

A lot, that's what LOL!  Our oldest son and DIL had an out of town golf tournament this weekend, so we split grandparenting duties between us and their other set of grandparents. 

Yesterday morning mom and dad dropped off Hailee at Soccer Camp for 9:00, then brought Hannah and Cade here before they left town to hit those little white balls around the wilderness LOL!

Both Hannah and Cade weren't feeling up to par....colds/ it was a rather quiet day, which suited me just fine as I was starting a headcold myself...thanks kids....hehehe!

Grandpa went to pick up Hailee at noon as it was her last day at soccer camp. She did very well and loved it. She said she wants to sign up for full day camp next summer :)

We played, ate, dozed off on the couch, played some more, ate some more...hehehe....and then it was time for the chocolate fountain...YES!!!  We didn't use it last weekend for Hailee's birthday party as there was way too much food to eat, so we kept the chocolate for yesterday.  The kids were excited as I cut up fruit and counted out 20 mini marshmallows for each of them :)

I searched a cupboard for an extension cord so we could have the fountain on the table, turned the switch to "heat", then melted the chocolate in the microwave while the fountain heated up.  When the chocolate was nice and smooth I poured it into the little container at the bottom of the fountain and switched it on.
YUMMY chocolate....and fruit LOL!
Chug...chug....grrrrr....grrrr.....sput....sput....and there it came!  The most beautiful river of melted chocolate was flowing from the top of the fountain over the smooth surfaces of the next two levels. Wow! The kids could hardly wait to stick their little appetizer forks into the goodies on their plates and into the chocolate.

Surprisingly the girls said they liked the fruit much better with the chocolate than the marshmallows. Note to need for sweet on sweet next time LOL!
I'm afraid grandma didn't get much chance to sit and enjoy it as I had to melt more chocolate.  The booklet that came with the fountain said it took 2 1/2 pounds, but I had more and it still wasn't enough to keep the chocolate flowing smoothly.  Between melting chocolate on the go and cutting up more apples and strawberries....who knew they would eat so much fruit? LOL....I ended up at the end of it all snacking on some fruit. It was still a lot of fun though, and grandma will be better prepared the next time we decide to enjoy chocolate.

Grandpa and I really thought it would be a while before they asked for supper as it was already after 4:00 when we finished. However it didn't take long before one after the other they said "when are we going to eat?"

Luckily we have a great place just a few minutes away called Cousin Vinny's (yes, definitely an Italian Restaurant) and their kid's menu is only $5....which includes a drink and a big dish of ice cream for dessert!  All 3 kids LOVE the chicken fingers there....real chicken I must it's become a favorite place for all of us.

A lady I know from when our boys played hockey, was there with her husband. As they were leaving she stopped to say how impressed she was with the kids, and how well behaved they were while sitting in the restaurant. She said she never goes anywhere but McD's with her grandkids as that's all they can handle....hehehe! 

So parents, take heed....children can be taught manners and how to behave. No need to be afraid to say "NO" to a child when they need it...and believe me, they DO need it at times :))

After we ate it was time to dig out our change so they could ride on the Rides in the Mall. A must every time we're there....hehehe!  And what's a trip to the Mall without stopping at the Pet Store to check out the bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds and fish.

We had promised them a while back that we would replace the goldfish they won at the fair and put in our big aquarium so they would survive, with Bettas. So Hailee got it in her head that she just HAD to have her betta right then and there. She saw a beautifully colored one that she already was calling Rainbow, so after a bit of pleading with grandpa, they each left with their own betta....with a promise of going shopping this morning in town to find tanks for each of them, after we had breakfast at a local pancake place.

By the time we got home from supper it was bath time, snack time and then bedtime.  They were all tuckered out. Hannah and Cade from not feeling well and Hailee from her hard week at soccer :) It didn't take long for all to fall asleep, including grandpa and I....all dreaming about shopping for those tanks LOL!

Up early we got washed up, teeth brushed, hair brushed, changed and were in the car at 9:00 so we wouldn't have to wait in line at the restaurant for breakfast. Yummy crepes with sides of Nutella and Whipped Cream. Could you ask for anything better? LOL! It was nice of grandpa to take us out so I wouldn't have to make crepes this morning :)

On the way there Hannah asked me if I could get my fingers overlapping each other, ending with the baby finger on top of the others.  It took some manouvering, but I did manage it. A few minutes later we could hear from the back seat "oh my gawd Hailee, even an old lady can do it and you can't."  Well did grandpa and I have a good long laugh at that one LOL!

Once crepes were eaten they were in a hurry to get to the Pet Store where all craziness broke out as they ran down the decoration isle to look for hiding places to put in with their bettas....before we even selected tanks!  This this that one....I don't know which one I want....this one....noooooooooooo......

We were finally able to convince them to each find a tank so we could try out the decorations inside to see if they fit.  About 20 minutes later grandpa found the exact type of tank that I was looking for, down another isle. They had exactly 3 of those tanks left!  We then opened a box, took a tank out and started trying decorations in it. 

Hannah decided on a pink castle, and pink gravel....her bedroom, needless to say is PINK, while Cade found a submarine and chose his favorite color of ORANGE for gravel. It took Hailee a while longer to get what she wanted.....she couldn't make up her mind, going from one to another, to another, but she finally settled on a really nice decoration and GREEN gravel.

Ahhhhhh....time to pay and go home to wash it all. Thank you grandpa. You're the best :) :)

Once each of them helped me wash the gravel/tanks/decorations, and set up the tanks they decided they wanted to stay and play for a bit. To them playing means putting on a "show" for grandpa and I. So as we patiently waited in the living room, they prepared their "play", costumes and dialogue in the bedroom.
If you look closely you'll notice our little Hannah
now has two front teeth missing! The tooth fairy has
been busy LOL!

Hailee definitely has drama classes in her future.
She loves it LOL!

I wonder how many more years they'll be able to get those fairy/princess dresses on?? They are getting rather short and tight...hehehe!  As usual they were fantastic. Although it's getting harder for them to convince their little brother to participate in their antics, or get a princess dress on...something daddy will be happy to know LOL!
See what I mean? This was the extent of Cade's acting
participation today LOL!

By the time 2:00 came along they wanted a Creamsicle, so after cooling off with that, Cade fell asleep on the couch. He was too pooped to poop...hehehe!

While Cade was sleeping Grandpa loaded up everything in the car so we'd be ready to go when Cade woke up. Finally at 3:00 he sat up, eyes half closed, yawning, but ready to go. He wakes up in such a great mood all the time, unlike his sisters...hehehe!

When we reached home grandpa unloaded everything from the car and we placed their tanks in the rec room where it was cooler for the fish.  Dad and mom are having central air installed in the next couple of weeks, but it's very hot right now in their bedrooms, so grandma thought it would be better to not make the fish 'boil' in that kind of heat.

I brought my hand pail along and filled each tank, explaining to the kids that they could NOT put their fish in the tanks until after supper tomorrow night, then they could feed them again. 

You all know those little clear cups that pet stores sell bettas in, well the kids each watched their fish earlier eating the tiny pellets we bought for each of them. They got soooo excited to watch their fish gulp at the pellets.

We also had a great laugh when Hailee's fish spit out all the pellets it had taken. Grandpa, who always has a smart reply for everything, said "Hailee, the fish is perfect for's just as fussy as you are when it comes to eating." LOLOL!!!

So at 4:00 grandpa and I were ready to leave them and come home.  It's a very hot/humid day and I was ready to just crash for the rest of the evening...which is what I am doing :)

Grandma loves you

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