Thursday, 19 July 2012

Quality Time....

Hailee always wants to come to our place for a visit, but there's a catch...she wants to come by herself....hehehe!  So yesterday was the day.  The night before at her soccer game, grandpa told her she could come the next day (yesterday) or today....her choice. 8:30 yesterday morning the phone rang and all I can hear is "grandma, last night grandpa told me I could go to your house today or tomorrow....can I come today?"  There was a catch, but a different one than I expected.  She said Cade wanted to come too....and that she was okay with that :)  I mentioned that she wouldn't be "alone" if he came, but it didn't matter. All that mattered is that she was the only "girl"....meaning, no little sister hanging around....hehehe!

I had to go to town for a few things so I said I'd pick her up if she wanted to go shopping, which she did, and that we could pick up Cade on the way back.  When I told grandpa our plans, he decided to come to town with us...anything for his little granddaughter by the time we stopped to pick Hailee up, Cade had decided he wanted to go shopping to. I think he was afraid that we wouldn't pick him up on the way back home LOL!

Off to town we went....stopping of course for breakfast first thing :))  Then off to Michaels for some craft stuff. They both saw furry puppets that they wanted, but grandpa suggested that we make sock puppets at home, so we bought a big container of things we could decorate the puppets with. Grandpa kindly donated some new socks that he didnt like....hehehe! Thanks Grandpa :)

Hailee didn't finish hers yet, and I did Cade's according to his instructions, but he wouldn't let me get a picture of him with Mr. Rufus on his hand :))  I'll catch him one day when he's not looking LOL!

We were all playing and suddenly it got very quiet...there was Hailee watching her tv show and our little man was fast asleep on the couch....sitting up LOL!  Naturally I just had to take a picture before laying him down...or before he could complain about having a picture taken LOL!  How cute is this??
  Ahhhh.....all tuckered out
from playing too hard :)

For supper they decided they wanted bacon sandwiches....yes, you're reading right...bacon sandwiches.  I may or may not have mentioned in past posts about what a fussy eater that Hailee is, and how difficult it is to get her to eat anything but "white stuff"...but she does love bacon. Bacon is meat? Isn't it? LOL!  And don't forget grandma, it has to be crisp enough to break....hehehe :)

So bacon sandwiches and chicken noodle soup were our on our gourmet menu last night. Good to the last drop :)

Cade doesn't like to stay overnight if Hannah isn't around, so he decided to go home to sleep....after his bath of course :)  So grandpa drove him home while Hailee and I waited for him to get back so we could have a tea party for her bedtime snack....which had to be before her bath. Another one who was afraid that the tea party may not happen if she didn't do it NOW...hehehe!

It took her a few minutes to decide who she wanted to sleep with, but she finally decided to go downstairs where it's cooler, with grandpa.  I had our bed all to myself....except for Sparkles....and it was hard to sleep!  I'm used to having grandpa beside me, or one of the kids, but I managed to have a good night anyway.

And Hailee had a very good night, not waking up until 8:15!  I felt badly as I had to head to town for an early appt, so she couldn't keep sleeping.  She even went home in her pjs, and without breakfast. Who can eat at that time of the morning anyway? LOL!

In a couple days we have Hannah and Cade for the day and overnight, so it will be more fun and games. Looking forward to it.

Grandma love you

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