Thursday, 5 April 2012

Busy like a Bunny!

Easter Bunny that is LOL!  We've had a few very busy weeks with trips to Southern Ontario for conferences for hubby and visits with our two youngest sons and their wonderful families!
Baby Aislin is growing like a weed and almost 2 1/2 months old now. Before we know it, she'll be crawling LOL!  As I did for our own 3 sons, for the first year of our grandkids lives I bake a little cake to celebrate each month. Just because Keelan and Aislin live hours away, doesn't mean I can't bake a cake and send a pic to them, right? LOL!  And that's what I've been doing for Aislin. 

Their daddy wondered why he never gets to eat any of those cakes, so I said I'd bake one and bring it down with us...hehehe. He asked for Marble cake :)  As you can see, I made an Easter basket and added, what else but lots of candies.
Well when I carried it into the house I couldn't ask for anything better than the look on Keelan's face! He had a smile from ear to ear and ran to the dining table to pull out a chair. He could hardly wait to get at those candies....hehehe!  It was a very special time for grandma and grandpa as we weren't really part of his first couple years of life, so this is the first cake I made that he could enjoy. So as I said, VERY special :))

I'm sure in a couple years Aislin will know
what cake means too LOL!
Mmmmmmm.....yummy :)

Our oldest GD, who by the way just turned 16 a couple weeks ago, has her G1 and is driving now....everyone keep your kids inside LOL!  Last weekend when we stayed overnight on Saturday, Grandpa took her out driving twice.  Not sure who was more nervous....hehehe....and I was the one who taught our 3 sons to drive.  Grandpa seemed to be okay though and was trying to help Brittney not be can we LOL!
LOL....lock up your kids!!

Happy Sweet 16 Brittney!
Her favorites...Smarties and Kit Kat Bars LOL!
We ordered pizza for supper and sat outside by a nice fire in their backyard, trying to stay warm in the cold north wind....but it was sunny, and that's all that counts :) Having Smores made us get closer to the heat, so all was well.
There have been a few great sleepovers with the grandkids close by.....pancakes for breakfasts...swimming lessons, dance lessons, playing outside....just lots of fun and doing what grandma and grandpas are supposed to do....enjoy the wee ones!

Today mom and grandma decorated cupcakes for Easter to bring them to school for Hailee and Hannah's classes. We didn't get a chance to watch them enjoy the treats as they were all dressed to go out for lunch recess, but I'm sure they all disappeared LOL!

This long weekend is supposed to be wonderful, weatherwise, so grandpa and grandma are going to take advantage of the sunny, cool weather and do some yardwork.  Once it gets warm and humid outside, this grandma doesn't do much yardwork any more. Those days are long gone!

The gang is coming over tomorrow afternoon to decorate Easter eggs....another tradition that they never seem to forget....hehehe....and I've been told by Cade that he wants to color some his favorite color....ORANGE!

It's hard to believe but our oldest will be turning 37 on Saturday! Yes, I said 37!  Where has the time gone?  We don't feel any older....well let me rephrase that....our minds don't feel any older, our bodies, that's another story LOL!

We still live in the same house that we bought a year after we got married. The bedroom our 37 year old had as a baby, toddler, teenager, adult, is now a sleepover bedroom for his own 3 children....and let's not forget all the toys, games, stuffed animals that have taken over the room :))

Yes, where has the time gone?  We're so lucky to be able to share in our adult children, DIL's and grandchildren's lives. With so many people moving all over the world for work, opportunities etc, we are VERY fortunate to be so close to our son's and their families.

Life doesn't get any better, and it's wonderful going into this Easter weekend, knowing what really counts and so grateful we have it :)

Grandma loves you

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