Tuesday, 20 March 2012

First Day of Spring.....

This has been a very unusual 1st day of Spring for us northerners this year. I have a feeling it will go down in history....not only for the above normal temperatures and records we are breaking, but also for the fact that this grandma forgot to bring her camera when Grandpa and I went to visit the grandkids after school today :(  I NEVER, repeat NEVER forget my camera....sigh.

However even having no pictures can't stop the memories from being tucked away safely in my mind :) Besides, what did we do before digital cameras were so readily available?  We kept memories tucked away in our minds :) 

It was supposed to be just a quick 10 minute visit....hi guys, how are you? how was your weekend away?....normal stuff.  It then led to going to the playground just a couple doors up the road...playing for an hour (ohhhh my aching shoulders from all that swing pushing LOL and teeter tottering)...excited voices yelling across the playground to mom "Can grandma and grandpa stay for supper?"  I tried to get them to stop, but mom said she was going to ask us before the kids even did. She had planned a big supper and needed help eating it all....as it turned out we took leftovers home with us...hehehe!

After little hands and faces were washed, we ate supper and even had pink whipped cream and fresh fruit for dessert. Yummy!  Boy, grandpa was very lucky we were asked to stay as it would have been leftovers again had we come home early LOL!

Tonight is mom's VBall night, so I offered to give the kids a bath.  Hailee said she likes the way grandma washes their hair, but I'm not so sure she'll say that again after getting shampoo in her eye...hehehe! Mom gave lots of kisses to wet, shiny faces in the tub, and off she went.

All three kids were squeaky clean....grandpa gave his usual after bath tours of the house, kids all wrapped snuggly in their towels....pj time...and we left them happily playing on the living room floor with daddy. I'm sure it didn't take them long to fall asleep tonight :)  And I know it won't take grandma long to fall asleep either LOL!

Grandma loves you....and won't forget the camera again :)

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