Sunday, 23 October 2011


Guess who's THREE??  Yup, our little guy will be 3 years old tomorrow, but we all celebrated his big day yesterday. And what a beautiful day it was, inside and out.  The rain of the past week finally stopped and the sun was shining brightly. Just in time for Cade to ride his big red quad that a few of us chipped in to buy.  He's a natural and was riding that thing around the yard like he'd been born to do it LOL!

For weeks Cade has been saying he wants either a Tow Mater cake or a Spiderman cake.  I was trying to pin him down to which he wanted, when last weekend he completely changed his mind. Well, it's a little grandson's perogative, isn't it? LOL!

He loves to look at pictures on our laptops and kept saying he wanted to see the choo choo train cake.  It finally clicked in when I realize he wanted to see his Thomas the Train cake which I had made for his second birthday last year!
Well, all he could talk about was having a choo choo train cake again......this year!  As hard as I tried to change his mind back to Mater or Spiderman, he wouldn't hear of it and only wanted a choo choo train cake....hehehe! Sooooo I took liberty with my decorating and made a Tow Mater train cake.  It turned out pretty good, even if I say so myself.

Cade thoroughly looked at last year's cake and wanted the big chocolate tree and zoo animals as well. He's a guy who knows what he wants :)

All week our son and DIL said whenever anyone asked him how old he was going to be, his reply was "choo choo train cake" LOL!  He'd also go around the house with his arms stretched out saying that was how his chocolate tree was going to look. Such a smart little guy :)

I must add that it took me a long time to decorate the cake on Friday night.  I've been sick with the flu and a chest cold for over a week, and had been worried that I'd even get the cake done....but with a lot of breaks, it was finished.
Cade's Godmother was also celebrating her birthday yesterday, so I wanted to include her on the cake.  I have such a poetic mind....hehehe....and came up with banners. One said "Wheee....wheee...wheee.....guess who's 3?"  The second said "Matante Carole says, it's not me" LOL!  Matante is Auntie in French. 

So two special people who mean so much to each other, were able to share a choo choo train cake and enjoy their special day :)
That smile says it all :)
    Cade with Grandma and Grandpa!
Cade with memere and pepere!
The birthday boy got to spend the night with us last night too, so it was a doubly special day :)
On your mark, get set, gooooooo........
Hailee had plans to go to her BFF's Olyvia for a sleepover, and Hannah ended up going for her very first ever sleepover to her cousin Isabella's place!  Hannah was supposed to spend the night here too, but when Uncle Paul asked if she wanted to spend the night with Isabella, she was so excited.  I'm so happy that it worked out. It's a big step to have your very first sleepover at someone else's house, and not at one of your grandparent's homes....hehehe!  Yeah Hannah!!  To top off her big accomplishment, she also had Moose meat for supper, and she liked it!  You go girl...hehehe!

Having grown up myself in a hunting family, my days of eating wild meat are long gone, so I applaud Hannah for her two big steps yesterday.

Grandma loves you

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