Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Path of Destruction....

Arrrggghhhhhh....not about GK's today, but rather the path of destruction I viewed when I lifted the bedroom blind this morning. Darn bears!

All my feeders were on the ground, the majority of them shattered, all the shepherd hooks were bent way over, and our big trash box was overturned and garbage strewn across the yard. Can we say mess?

So out we went to rake/pick up the trash....I was able to straighten up the shepherd hooks so they'll still do the job they were meant to do, and made a mental note to myself to bring in the feeders before it gets dark for the next little while.

This is the latest we've had bears. Guess global warming isn't just affecting humans, as with the warmer Fall weather, the bears have longer to fatten up.

Grandma loves you

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