Friday, 9 September 2011

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting.....

It's been a long few days since getting the news of Cade's abnormal bloodwork. The pain in his leg is still there and he seems to be getting weaker and weaker, and more tired....listless.

After the bloodwork results they sent him for a Bone Scan on Tuesday...more waiting...anxiety....stress. Yesterday the results came in and weren't good.  They said an MRI had to be done to make sure they know what they're dealing with and if there's much damage to the bone (from the right knee down to the ankle).
 Sleeping it off after the Bone Scan!
Wake up little guy, wake up!
The poor little guy was admitted last night and awaken this morning at 6:00 to have the IV inserted for the MRI. He should be having the MRI as I type this. He was not happy :)  I'm sure the fact that he couldn't eat had something to do with it too...hehehe!

I must admit we did have a bit of relief from the stress when he woke up from the bone scan. He was a happy little "drunk" LOL!  He was swaying back and forth, humming, singing, just being silly and totally relaxed. Everyone was in stitches...hehehe! 

So, we sit here doing more waiting, waiting, waiting....and hopefully the MRI results won't take too long and the doctors will know how to treat him.  They think it's osteomyelitis....fancy name for bone infection...and that would mean staying in the hospital for a few days on IV antibiotics.  Hopefully they are dealing with a bone infection and nothing worse, that there is no damage to the leg bone and that it hasn't gone to his blood.

Only time will tell, and in the meantime we are waiting, waiting, waiting :)

On a happier note, Hailee and Hannah got to spend the night with us while mom and dad were at the hospital with Cade.  The girls had swimming lessons last night so we brought them there and a nice surprise was that mom, dad and Cade were able to come watch for a while.  Cade was able to get a pass for a few hours to leave the hospital...yeah!

This morning was a whirlwind getting the girls ready for school. I forgot how much "fun" it was to make lunches again LOL!  Grandpa drove them to their place to catch the school bus....they didn't want to get a ride to school, but wanted to see their friends on the bus :)

Counting down the minutes til the phone rings!

A couple hours later and just heard from our dear DIL.  It took Cade an hour to fall asleep after being sedated for the MRI. He just fought it.  Then she had to crawl into the machine with him when he woke up before it was done. Little stinker LOL! We should have results within the hour! Good thoughts please :)

Unbelievable!  This afternoon around 3:00 little Cade was discharged by a Medical Student....saying all the tests came back "okay". How can that be? What about the limp? What about the pain, the fatigue, the falling?? How can they say there's a blur near his ankle on the MRI, yet say it's due to him moving...and not check it out further?  Sigh.......

Our son and DIL are NOT happy. They let the staff know and were told one of the Peds will call them. So many questions, and no answers.  Can we blame it on hurried staff who wanted to just get home on a beautiful Friday afternoon, not giving the MRI results a second glance?

Hopefully they are right and whatever was bothering the little guy, is gone...for good!

Grandma Loves You

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