Sunday, 11 September 2011

Teddy Bears, Bunnies & puppies....

All stuffed of course LOL!  This is what I played "catch" with this morning when I drove over to pick up our DIL and her friends to bring them golfing for the day.  The GK's were at the top of the stairs and could hardly wait to show me their bounty from the Family Day at a local church yesterday.  Everything at the Family Day is free, including hotdogs/juice etc for the wee ones. The games are "rigged" LOL and make sure everyone wins a ticket, then the ticket can be exchanged for the stuffed teddy bears, bunnies and puppies LOL!

So the three GK's stood at the top of the back stairs by their back door and started throwing their 'Prizes' down to me and I would throw them back up the stairs. Lots of laughs, lots of teasing that I was going to bring the prizes all home with me...hehehe!

After dropping the girls off at golfing I stopped to quickly say "Hi" to the GK's and once again they came running down the hallway with their "bounty" to play our game of catch.  Daddy was getting them ready to head to town to do some errands and of course, none of them wanted to go...pleading to come home with me.  I couldn't stand listening to their little (okay, loud) voices asking if they could come with me, so this grandma does what she always does, and said "let's go" LOL!

A couple hours later as we were having lunch, daddy called and said he was on his way home....again, as usual, there was a big groan, and 'can we play just for 5 more minutes grandma?' :)  Once dad came in they packed up to go to another Fun Day at the local mall...face painting, cotton candy...everything that makes a child's day.  Grandpa also went up with them and about half an hour later Grandpa came in with little Cade. It was hot, Cade was tired, and hungry LOL!  He still isn't feeling up to par...but that's another post later in the week when he sees the pediatrician!!

Something to eat, something to drink, some cuddle time on the couch and daddy and his sisters came in. But how can these be our GD's that just came in the door??  My goodness, a big blue butterly and a big pink butterfly were looking up at us with sparkles on their wings.  Gotta love face painting...hehehe!

Our little Ms. Hannah decided to use a laundry
basket as her new puppy's (prize bounty) cage LOL!
A bit more play time then the lure of Dairy Queen was all it took for them to drop what they were doing, get their shoes on and away they went for their cool, creamy treat! Oh to have such energy once again!

Have a great week kids!

Grandma loves you

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