Monday, 19 September 2011

Feeding the LOL!

As if my Birthday weekend could get any better, we had Hailee, Hannah and Cade for the day yesterday. Yipeeeeee!  A beautiful sunny, cool Fall day, 3 kids who had energy to all added up to "we need to get out with them" LOL!  So naturally that meant feeding the ducks.
  Off the kids and grandpa go...Cade struggling with
a loaf of bread under his see if the swans
were back at another section of the lake.
The kids were all excited and so were grandpa and I. It's always such fun.  However for some reason today there seemed to be more gulls flying around screeching, than there were ducks or geese.  It didn't matter though. We were loaded down with 4 loaves of bread as well as a big bag of buns, and whatever was able to get to the pieces thrown out on the grass and into the water, was more than welcome to have it.

We all had a good laugh when one gull grabbed a half bun from the water and tried to take off with it....s/he was followed by a dozen or so other gulls, all trying to get s/he to drop the bun LOL!

I'm not sure though who had more bread....the kids, or the birds LOL! 

Everyone say cheese!
Funny how kids are always attracted to "rocks"!
Can it get any better?
Pretty good smiles considering the sun was shining
right into their faces :)
All in all it was a great weekend!  I had packed lunches for the kids, which they could hardly wait to get into. Food always tastes better when you're outside :)
When we were done at the park, we took a little drive to visit Great Grandma and Grandpa.....

It was time to leave and get back home.  More plans...the playground is calling...but not before everyone has a snooze LOL!
You can just get a glimpse of Hannah sound asleep
in the back seat....ahhhh....quiet :)
Hmmmm....maybe this grandma will stop counting birthdays this year and I can be 60 again next year!

To add even more excitement to the weekend, our little Hannah lost her very first tooth This morning! had been loose for a few days, and she was quite upset that it hurt and was bleeding a wee bit. So I convinced her to let me look at it and then convinced her to let me flick it.  She wasn't too sure, but I talked her into it as this happened before we left to feed the ducks.  She, or none of us, would have a very good time if she had a wet paper towel in her mouth the whole time. So bravely she opened her mouth and let me take it out.'s right there on the bottom left :)

Pop....just like that. Out it came....sooooo tiny. Wonder if the tooth Fairy will be able to find it LOL!
Grandma loves you

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