Monday, 19 September 2011

60? Already?

I know I've said many time how time flies...especially when you're not looking. But wow, on Friday, Sept 16th I turned 60.....already! Where did all those years go? I can remember it all like it was yesterday. Can I possibly have three grown sons, grandchildren and still feel like I'm "much" younger? LOL!
After telling hubby and our DIL for weeks that I did NOT, repeat NOT want a birthday party, I have to admit that I had loads of fun and it will be a weekend to remember. It was perfect, absolutely perfect. So a great big thank you to our dear Angele for putting so much time, planning, energy and love into making my birthday weekend just that....perfect :)
Great family, friends and food....who can complain about that? Our DIL's parents did a fish fry...yummy!  I LOVE fish and they worked hard, frying up 80 fillets which disappeared in record time I believe. Thanks SO much Sue & Eddie. It was very much appreciated!

All the kids were excited because any birthday is a big deal to them, let alone grandma's 60th...hehehe!  Balloons, cake, playing, laughing...what more can anyone ask for :)
This was too funny! As I was lifting Cade onto my
lap for pictures, his left foot ended up in the cake LOL! 

  A very special gift made by Hailee (grey sweatshirt).
A lovely card and an empty pudding cup container(washed LOL)
with beautiful flower stickers placed perfectly around it,
 and wrapped just so.
Gifts from the heart that grandma will treasure forever!
Something a little funny, and frightening at the same time....
the gift bag that Hailee had her gift in, had somehow been placed
in the trash bag.  Yikes....we had to go over to their place on Sunday to
dig through the gift wrapping trash to find the gift!  I would have
been SO heart broken had it been destroyed....and so would of Hailee!
Getting comfy and star gazing around the fire with Hannah after
all the festivites were over with. Yes, that is a winter jacket
I have on.  It was a beautiful sunny day, but it was cold!
Hannah ended up falling asleep in her chair and had to
be carried to bed by Uncle Warren!
Grandma & Grandpa, after a very fun day!
Believe it or not, Hailee took this picture. I think
she has a future in her hands!!
So after all my complaining and saying NO party, I have to admit it was a wonderful time. I received lovely, heart felt gifts that I will treasure for a lifetime....and by gifts, I don't mean just the kind a person can open. Thanks to my family and friends for making my 60th so very, very special :)

P.S. As an added bonus, we had the 3 grandkids the day after my party.  Hannah had her very first loose tooth and it was bothering her to no end.  She finally let me look at it. I knew it HAD to come out or it would ruin her whole day.  I quickly flicked it a couple times and out it came. Just as quickly she ran to the bathroom for water and more water as she didn't like the taste of blood LOL! 

Her very first tooth fairy visit! How special!
Grandma loves you

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