Monday, 25 June 2012

We Are Blessed......

This grandma has been rather busy the last few weeks. Between trying to survive in the heat and humidity, we've also been busy with the grandkids....swimming to keep cool, celebrating grandpa's and my 40th anniversary, running here, there and everywhere with soccer, and we can't forget all the trips to the ice cream shop....hehehe!

Hailee...left...checking her earring....hehehe!
She absolutely LOVES soccer. Who knew she would
take such a liking to it?  We're so happy for her :)
Cade on the other hand....not so happy LOL!
The look says it all.
Hmmmm....something makes me think I've already
posted about soccer. Sorry if I brain
doesn't always work when I want it too.
Besides, who doesn't want to look at my grandkids again?
This past weekend was no different.  Our youngest granddaughter, Aislin, was Christened yesterday, and what a special day it was :) 

Hehehe....see, I told you....a real sweetheart!
She's also wearing the Christening dress that her
mom and her other grandma wore!  It's definitely
an heirloom :)
We are definitely blessed to have such wonderful sons, DIL's and of course, grandchildren.

Not only did we have the Christening, but Aislin's big brother Keelan had his Lacrosse finals....yeah!!  He even scored two goals and got a medal.  It was so much fun to watch 3 and 4 year olds playing lacrosse....hehehe. Their helmets looks bigger than their bodies!
Don't worry Keelan LOL.....
we are watching every move you make :)
Of course it was also lots of fun to keep Aislin occupied for the hour. She is such a sweet baby....never cries unless she's hungry or tired...always a smile on that sweet face. Nothing like a baby to make you realize what life is all about :)

A couple weekends ago grandpa and I decided to celebrate said 40th anniversary on our own, down in Toronto. We stayed at a hotel for a couple nights and went to a dinner theatre.....we hadn't been in many years, and I must admit it was hard to stay up so late after eating such a B I G buffet dinner LOL!  Why is it you have such good intentions to eat only the "healthy" stuff, and only go for one serving....oh, and let's not forget the promise we make to ourselves about not having any desserts!!  Ya, sure LOL!  As I said, all those good intentions went out the window....and imagine....we still survived. Stuffed, tired, but happy :)
Here's to 40 more sweetie!
And they said it wouldn't last LOL!  Kidding!!!

Grandpa and I had a great time with Keelan and Aislin and look forward to our next visit, hopefully in a few weeks.

Grandma loves you

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