Sunday, 27 May 2012

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!

Nothing brings out excitement for the grandkids like celebrating a birthday....especially a grandparent's birthday, because we're so "old" you know....hehehe! Today was no exception! Grandpa's 62nd birthday isn't until tomorrow, but between school and swimming lessons in the evening, today was a much better day for celebrating. 
What made it even better is our wonderful DIL brought everything over that we needed for supper. Yup, sausages, potatoes, veggies, corn on the was all there. Grandma had nothing to do! What a great DIL...and what a great meal....yummy!

Not only was it grandpa's birthday, but it was also the day to let the goldfish go into our pond. It's become a yearly tradition that Hailee, Hannah & Cade release the goldfish into their summer home. The big surprise is that it's actually warm enough finally to let them go LOL!
We started out with 4 feeder fish, 9 years ago....grandma bought them to keep in our pond the year Hailee, Hannah and Cade's mom and dad were married!  Over the years these 4 fish had hundreds of babies which grandma gave away. I did however keep 3 of them. Never in a million years did I ever imagine that 9 years later, 3 of our grandkids would be helping a couple of the same fish into the pond :)
Sadly, we've lost a few over the years and this summer we only have 3 goldfish. I think grandpa is wanting to add a few more though, so I'm sure our "school" of fish is going to grow shortly LOL!

A bit of drizzle outside didn't put a damper on our fun. We moved indoors and got into some painting...with cut up sponges no less! Hailee was determined to paint with sponges today, and she got her way LOL!

Supper was delicious and then it was time for Happy Birthday and 'cake'.....or should I say it was time for mini cupcakes....hehehe! Yes, we're all trying to be health conscious around here, for the time being at least, so instead of a big cake that we'd be eating for days, we had mini cupcakes....and the best part, each of the kids was allowed to have two! What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon :)

See you at swimming lessons tomorrow night guys!

Grandma loves you

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