Sunday, 15 April 2012


We just had a great weekend with 3 of our wonderful grandkids.  I guess I shouldn't be 'sighing'....but I'm kind of sad...yes, even after spending all that time with them...playground time, exploring muddy trails that were full of wild raspberry bushes that picked every time we moved, hehehe, clearing out an area in the backyard between my huge bird brush piles so they could make a cabin, making tons of mud pies with water from the ponds, McD's for supper....all of it was wonderful!  But....and it's a BIG but...these grandkids, mom and dad are leaving for Disney World this coming week.....sigh.
Yummy! Food tastes so good when you're eating
outside, especially after a hard morning's work :)
Ahhhh....poor daddy worked so hard that he
needs a break too LOL!
What better way to celebrate a trip to Disney World
this week than to have Mickey Mouse pancakes!
Not bad if I do say so myself LOL!
Grandpa and I had always planned on going with them, but between this grandma's arthritis, fibromyalgia and need for rest every day, there's no way I could go along, and keep going every day for 8 days. The heat alone would be bad body does not do heat well.  But my arthritic feet are making it difficult to walk for very long, then there's that darn Fibro thing that exhausts me after what a normal person would call just a normal day :(

As I sad....sigh :(
Working hard on those mud pies!
Grandpa even had them digging in my hosta bed for earth!
The kids assured me they would Skype every morning to let us know what's going on, but we all know it's not the same thing as being there to hear the laughter, see the sparkle in their eyes and watch those special facial expressions as they see the wonderful world of Disney.
Grandpa and I took their daddy and two uncles to Disney World way back in the day....80's LOL!  In fact we've been spending some time the last few weeks going through the pictures we took of that experience.  Who would have thought that almost 30 years later, our oldest would be taking his own 3 children there?? Certainly not me....not in a million years.

Guess grandma will just have to suck it up and pull up her big girl panties....hehehe.....and be happy that we can enjoy the kids here as often as we like.

I'm sure they'll be full of stories and experiences they will happily be sharing with us when they return. And we can't forget all those pictures. Thank goodness for digital cameras LOL!

Safe travels everyone!  Say hi to Mickey and Minnie for me :)

Grandma Loves You

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